Getting started (offline quick start)

1. Get the tools

Writing an iTwin.js application requires the following software:

  • Node.js (14.x LTS version)
    • This provides the backend JavaScript runtime.
    • The installation also includes the npm command line tool.

2. Get the code

The starter application is located in the desktop-starter repo on GitHub. It is an example of an Electron based application and comes with a sample snapshot iModel.

git clone

3. Build and run a sample app

npm install

npm start

The app will open a pre-packaged offline snapshot iModel. You will likely want to use your own snapshot iModel. Follow the Create a snapshot iModel tutorial. Then open your snapshot by clicking the Home button and selecting "Open Offline Snapshot".

Desktop apps can also open cloud hosted iModels. If you do not have access to one, follow one of our tutorials to create an online iModel. Then open your online iModel by selecting "Open Online iModel" and logging in.


Next Steps

Create a snapshot iModel from your local data.

Open your snapshot iModel in the desktop-starter app by clicking the home button in the upper left and clicking "Select snapshot".

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Last Updated: 16 June, 2021