The ui-abstract package

The ui-abstract package contains abstractions for UI controls and items, such as Toolbar, Button, Menu, Backstage, StatusBar and Widget. The imodeljs-frontend package, as well as ui-core, has a dependency on the ui-abstract package. Therefore, code in imodeljs-frontend can use classes and interfaces in ui-abstract.


  • Backstage - Abstractions used by ui-framework package to create and manage the display of Backstage menu items.
  • DialogItem - Interfaces used by UiLayoutDataProvider to create UI automatically for use in App UI apps.
  • Item - Classes for working with an Item in a Toolbar, Widget, Backstage or Context Menu.
  • Properties - Interfaces and classes to create UI editors for Property data.
  • StatusBar - Classes for creating and managing items in the status bar.
  • Toolbar - Classes for creating and managing items in a toolbar.
  • UiAdmin - Abstractions for UI controls, such as toolbars, buttons and menus and are callable from IModelApp.uiAdmin in imodeljs-frontend.
  • UiItemsProvider - Classes and interfaces for specifying UI items to be inserted at runtime.
  • UiDataProvider - Data synchronization for apps that directly create UI with React or other UI libraries.
  • Utilities - Various utility classes for working with a UI.

Last Updated: 22 March, 2021