Quick Start to an App UI user interface

Use create-react-app to make a Web Viewer app

The create-react-app utility makes a simple React app. iTwin.js provides a template that allows create-react-app to create a React app that is a simple iTwin Viewer app.

Full instructions for creating a Web Viewer using create-react-app can be found here:

Developing a web viewer

Modify the basic Frontstage

iTwin's App UI organizes functionality into Frontstages. Because the iTwin Viewer template for create-react-app provides a basic Frontstage, the quickest way to get started with a new app is to add your app's UI to that Frontstage with the UiItemsProvider. This will add you tool buttons, StatusBar items, Backstage items, and Widgets to the basic viewer when the application loads.

A more detailed explanation of using the UiItemsProvider interface can be found here: Augmenting the UI of an iTwin App.

Building a new Frontstage

If you find that you need to make more drastic modifications to the delivered Frontstage, you may need to create a new Frontstage. This Frontstage sample can be used as a template for your app's Frontstage. From there, the new Frontstage can be added to your App at startup using a FrontstageProvider. Details in Adding a Frontstage.

Last Updated: 22 March, 2021