Name Description
Dialog Dialog used in footer indicators. Beta
ExpandableItem Expandable toolbar item. Deprecated
FooterPopup Popup component used in Footer component. Beta
FooterSeparator Footer indicator separator used in Footer component.
Item Toolbar item component. Deprecated
TitleBar Title bar of Dialog component. Beta
Toolbar A toolbar that contains toolbar items. Deprecated
Tooltip Positionable tooltip component. Deprecated
UserProfile User profile component used in Backstage header. Deprecated


Name Description
Direction Available directions. Deprecated
FooterPopupContentType Available footer popup content types. Beta
HorizontalAnchor Available Stacked widget horizontal anchors. Deprecated
SafeAreaInsets Describes available safe area insets. Beta
ToolbarPanelAlignment Available alignment modes of Toolbar panels. Deprecated
ZoneTargetType Available zone targets. Deprecated

Global Functions

Name Description
FooterIndicator Indicator used in Footer component. Beta


Name Description
DialogProps Properties of Dialog component. Beta
ExpandableItemProps Properties of ExpandableItem component. Deprecated
FooterIndicatorProps Properties of FooterIndicator component. Beta
FooterPopupProps Properties of FooterPopup component. Beta
FooterSeparatorProps Properties of FooterSeparator component.
ItemProps Properties of Item component. Deprecated
TitleBarProps Properties of TitleBar component. Beta
ToolbarProps Properties of Toolbar component. Deprecated
TooltipProps Properties of Tooltip component. Deprecated
UserProfileProps Properties of UserProfile component. Deprecated

Type Aliases

Name Description
FooterPopupDefaultProps Default properties of FooterPopup component. Beta
TooltipDefaultProps Default properties of Tooltip component. Deprecated
WidgetZoneId Widget zone id. Deprecated

Last Updated: 11 November, 2022