Backstage Class

Backstage React component.



Name Description
constructor(props: BackstageProps): Backstage    
componentDidMount(): void    
componentDidUpdate(prevProps: BackstageProps): void    
componentWillUnmount(): void    
render(): ReactNode    
getBackstageToggleCommand(overrideIconSpec?: IconSpec): CommandItemDef Static Get CommandItemDef that will toggle display of Backstage and allow iconSpec to be overridden  
hide(): void Static Hides the Backstage  
show(): void Static Shows the Backstage  


Name Type Description
backstageToggleCommand Accessor StaticReadOnly CommandItemDef Command that toggles the Backstage  
isBackstageVisible Static boolean    
onBackstageEvent StaticReadonly BackstageEvent    

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Last Updated: 02 February, 2022