ObservableSet<T> Class

A standard Set that emits events when its contents change.


  • Set<T>


Name Description
constructor(elements?: Iterable<T>): ObservableSet Construct a new ObservableSet.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
Symbol.iterator(): IterableIterator<T> Set.Symbol Iterates over values in the set.
add(value: T): this Set<T>  
entries(): IterableIterator<[T, T]> Set<T> Returns an iterable of [v,v] pairs for every value v in the set.
forEach(callbackfn: (value: T, value2: T, set: Set<T>) => void, thisArg?: any): void Set<T>  
has(value: T): boolean Set<T>  
keys(): IterableIterator<T> Set<T> Despite its name, returns an iterable of the values in the set,
values(): IterableIterator<T> Set<T> Returns an iterable of values in the set.


Name Type Description
onAdded BeEvent<(item: T) <(item: T) => void> Emitted after item is added to this set.  
onCleared BeEvent<() <() => void> Emitted after this set's contents are cleared.  
onDeleted BeEvent<(item: T) <(item: T) => void> Emitted after item is deleted from this set.  
Set Static SetConstructor    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
size number Set<T>  
Symbol.toStringTag string Set.Symbol  

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Last Updated: 31 March, 2021