Classes and components for working with a Breadcrumb. As of version 3.0, the Breadcrumb is deprecated.


Name Description  
Breadcrumb Breadcrumb navigation component, with two discrete modes: text mode and dropdown mode. Beta
BreadcrumbDetails A Table containing all children of tree node specified in path. Beta
BreadcrumbNode Default BreadcrumbNode component Beta
BreadcrumbPath Breadcrumb Path class. Beta
BreadcrumbTreeUtils Utility class for tree searching and manipulation in the Breadcrumb component. Beta
BreadcrumbUpdateEvent BreadcrumbChangeEvent Event class. Beta


Name Description  
BreadcrumbMode Enum for Breadcrumb Mode Beta


Name Description  
BreadcrumbDetailsProps Properties for the BreadcrumbDetails component Beta
BreadcrumbNodeProps Properties for BreadcrumbNode component Beta
BreadcrumbProps Properties for Breadcrumb component Beta
BreadcrumbUpdateEventArgs BreadcrumbChangeEvent Event Args class. Beta

Last Updated: 21 October, 2021