ModelMapLayerSettings Class

Normalized representation of a ModelMapLayerProps for which values have been validated and default values have been applied where explicit values not defined. Model map layers are produced from models, typically from two dimensional geometry that may originate in a GIS system. One or more map layers may be included within MapImagerySettings object.

see MapImagerySettings

see ImageMapLayerSettings for image based map layer settings.



Name Description
clone(changedProps: Partial<ModelMapLayerProps>): ModelMapLayerSettings Create a copy of this MapLayerSettings, optionally modifying some of its properties.  
toJSON(): ModelMapLayerProps return JSON representation of this MapLayerSettings object  
fromJSON(json: ModelMapLayerProps): ModelMapLayerSettings Static Construct from JSON, performing validation and applying default values for undefined fields.  


Name Type Description
allSubLayersInvisible Accessor ReadOnly boolean Return true if all sublayers are invisible (always false as model layers do not include sublayers).  
modelId Readonly string    
source Accessor ReadOnly string    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
name Readonly string MapLayerSettings  
transparency Readonly number MapLayerSettings  
transparentBackground Readonly boolean MapLayerSettings  
visible Readonly boolean MapLayerSettings  

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Last Updated: 20 May, 2022