initFromExternalSourceAspects Method

initFromExternalSourceAspects() Deprecated  


Initialize the source to target Element mapping from ExternalSourceAspects in the target iModel.

initFromExternalSourceAspects(args?: InitFromExternalSourceAspectsArgs): Promise<void>

note This method is called from IModelTransformer.processChanges and IModelTransformer.processAll, so it only needs to be called directly when processing a subset of an iModel.

note Passing an InitFromExternalSourceAspectsArgs is required when processing changes, to remap any elements that may have been deleted. You must await the returned promise as well in this case. The synchronous behavior has not changed but is deprecated and won't process everything.

Parameter Type Description
args InitFromExternalSourceAspectsArgs  

Returns - Promise<void>


Deprecated  returning void is deprecated, return a promise, and handle returned promises appropriately

initFromExternalSourceAspects(): void

Returns - void

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Last Updated: 11 November, 2022