PolyfaceAuxData Class

The PolyfaceAuxData structure contains one or more analytical data channels for each vertex of a Polyface, allowing the polyface to be styled using an AnalysisStyle. Typically a polyface will contain only vertex data required for its basic display: the vertex position, normal and possibly texture parameter. PolyfaceAuxData provides supplemental data that is generally computed in an analysis program or other external data source. This can be scalar data used to either override the vertex colors through, or XYZ data used to deform the mesh by adjusting the vertex positions and/or normals.

see PolyfaceData.auxData to associate auxiliary data with a polyface.


Name Description
constructor(channels: AuxChannel[], indices: number[]): PolyfaceAuxData    
clone(): PolyfaceAuxData Return a deep copy.  
createForVisitor(): PolyfaceAuxData Create a PolyfaceAuxData for use by a PolyfaceVisitor.  
isAlmostEqual(other: PolyfaceAuxData, tolerance?: number): boolean Returns true if this is equivalent to other within tolerance.  
tryTransformInPlace(transform: Transform): boolean Apply transform to the data in each channel.  
isAlmostEqual(left: PolyfaceAuxData | undefined, right: PolyfaceAuxData | undefined, tol?: number): boolean Static Returns true if both left and right are undefined, or both are defined and equivalent within tolerance (default: 1.0e-8).  


Name Type Description
channels AuxChannel[] Array with one or more channels of auxiliary data for the associated polyface.  
indices number[] The indices (shared by all data in all channels) mapping the data to the mesh facets.  

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Last Updated: 12 July, 2021