BriefcaseManager Class

Manages downloading Briefcases and downloading and uploading changesets.


Name Description
acquireNewBriefcaseId(requestContext: AuthorizedClientRequestContext, iModelId: GuidString): Promise<number> Static Acquire a new briefcaseId from iModelHub for the supplied iModelId  
create(requestContext: AuthorizedClientRequestContext, contextId: GuidString, iModelName: GuidString, args: CreateIModelProps): Promise<GuidString> Static Create an iModel on iModelHub Deprecated  
deleteBriefcaseFiles(filePath: string, requestContext?: AuthorizedClientRequestContext): Promise<void> Static Delete and clean up a briefcase and all of its associated files.  
downloadBriefcase(requestContext: AuthorizedClientRequestContext, request: RequestNewBriefcaseArg): Promise<LocalBriefcaseProps> Static Download a new briefcase from iModelHub for the supplied iModelId.  
getCachedBriefcases(iModelId?: GuidString): LocalBriefcaseProps[] Static Get a list of the local briefcase held in the briefcase cache, optionally for a single iModelId  
getFileName(briefcase: BriefcaseProps): string Static Get the name of the local file that holds, or will hold, a local briefcase in the briefcase cache.  
getIModelPath(iModelId: GuidString): string Static Get the local path of the folder storing files that are associated with an imodel  
initialize(cacheRootDir: string, compatibilityDir?: string): void Static Initialize BriefcaseManager  
isStandaloneBriefcaseId(id: BriefcaseId): boolean Static Determine whether the supplied briefcaseId is a standalone briefcase  
isValidBriefcaseId(id: BriefcaseId): boolean Static Determine whether the supplied briefcaseId is in the range of assigned BriefcaseIds issued by iModelHub  
releaseBriefcase(requestContext: AuthorizedClientRequestContext, briefcase: BriefcaseProps): Promise<void> Static Releases a briefcaseId from iModelHub.  


Name Type Description
cacheDir Accessor StaticReadOnly string Get the root directory for the briefcase cache  

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Last Updated: 01 December, 2021