ChangeSummaryManager Class


Class to extract Change Summaries for a briefcase.

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Name Description
attachChangeCache(iModel: IModelDb): void Static Attaches the Change Cache file to the specified iModel if it hasn't been attached yet.  
buildPropertyValueChangesECSql(iModel: IModelDb, instanceChangeInfo: { changedInstance: { className: string, id: Id64String }, id: Id64String, summaryId: Id64String }, changedValueState: ChangedValueState, changedPropertyNames?: string[]): string Static Builds the ECSQL to query the property value changes for the specified instance change and the specified ChangedValueState.  
createChangeSummaries(args: CreateChangeSummaryArgs): Promise<Id64String[]> Static Creates change summaries for the specified iModel and a specified range of versions  
createChangeSummary(requestContext: AuthorizedClientRequestContext, iModel: BriefcaseDb): Promise<Id64String> Static Creates a change summary for the last applied change set to the iModel Beta  
detachChangeCache(iModel: IModelDb): void Static Detaches the Change Cache file from the specified iModel.  
extractChangeSummaries(requestContext: AuthorizedClientRequestContext, iModel: BriefcaseDb, options?: ChangeSummaryExtractOptions): Promise<Id64String[]> Static Extracts change summaries from the specified iModel.  
getChangedPropertyValueNames(iModel: IModelDb, instanceChangeId: Id64String): string[] Static Retrieves the names of the properties whose values have changed for the given instance change  
isChangeCacheAttached(iModel: IModelDb): boolean Static Determines whether the Change Cache file is attached to the specified iModel or not  
queryChangeSummary(iModel: BriefcaseDb, changeSummaryId: Id64String): ChangeSummary Static Queries the ChangeSummary for the specified change summary id  
queryInstanceChange(iModel: BriefcaseDb, instanceChangeId: Id64String): InstanceChange Static Queries the InstanceChange for the specified instance change id.  

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Last Updated: 25 June, 2021