ExportGraphicsOptions Interface

Parameters for IModelDb.exportGraphics


Name Type Description
angleTol undefined | number Max angle difference in radians for approximated face, see StrokeOptions  
chordTol undefined | number Max distance from a face to the original geometry, see StrokeOptions  
decimationTol undefined | number Max distance between mesh vertices for them to be collapsed.  
elementIdArray Id64Array The source elements for the exported graphics  
maxEdgeLength undefined | number Max length of any edge in generated faces, see StrokeOptions  
minBRepFeatureSize undefined | number BRep features with bounding boxes smaller than this size will not generate graphics.  
minLineStyleComponentSize undefined | number The longest dimension of a line style's largest component must be at least this size in order for  
onGraphics ExportGraphicsFunction A function to call for each unique element ID, color and texture combination  
onLineGraphics undefined | ExportLinesFunction An optional function to call if line graphics are desired.  
partInstanceArray undefined | ExportPartInstanceInfo[] If supplied, any references to GeometryPart elements found will be  

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Last Updated: 17 March, 2021