IModelDb.Views Class

The collection of views in an IModelDb.


Name Description
getThumbnail(viewDefinitionId: Id64String): ThumbnailProps | undefined Get the thumbnail for a view.  
getViewStateData(viewDefinitionId: string, options?: ViewStateLoadProps): ViewStateProps    
iterateViews(params: ViewQueryParams, callback: (view: ViewDefinition) => boolean): boolean Iterate all ViewDefinitions matching the supplied query.  
queryViewDefinitionProps(className: string = "BisCore.ViewDefinition", limit: number = IModelDb.defaultLimit, offset: number = 0, wantPrivate: boolean = false): ViewDefinitionProps[] Query for the array of ViewDefinitionProps of the specified class and matching the specified IsPrivate setting.  
saveThumbnail(viewDefinitionId: Id64String, thumbnail: ThumbnailProps): number Save a thumbnail for a view.  
setDefaultViewId(viewId: Id64String): void Set the default view property the iModel  

Object Literals

Name Description
defaultQueryParams Static Default parameters for iterating/querying ViewDefinitions. Includes all subclasses of ViewDefinition, excluding only those marked 'private'.

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Last Updated: 18 December, 2020