NativeHost Class


Used by desktop/mobile native applications


Name Description
checkInternetConnectivity(): InternetConnectivityStatus Static get current value of internet connectivity  
notifyNativeFrontend<T extends undefined>(methodName: T extends undefined, ...args: Parameters<>): void Static    
overrideInternetConnectivity(_overridenBy: OverriddenBy, status: InternetConnectivityStatus): void Static Override internet connectivity state  
shutdown(): Promise<void> Static Shutdown native app backend.  
startup(opt?: NativeHostOpts): Promise<void> Static Start the backend of a native app.  


Name Type Description
applicationName Accessor StaticReadOnly string    
appSettingsCacheDir Accessor StaticReadOnly string Get the local cache folder for application settings  
isValid Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean    
onInternetConnectivityChanged Static BeEvent<(status: InternetConnectivityStatus) => void>    
onUserStateChanged Static BeEvent<(token?: AccessToken) => void> Event called when the user's sign-in state changes - this may be due to calls to signIn(), signOut() or because the token was refreshed  
settingsStore Accessor StaticReadOnly NativeAppStorage    

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Last Updated: 29 April, 2021