AnalysisStyle Class

As part of a DisplayStyleSettings, describes how to animate meshes in the view that have been augmented with PolyfaceAuxData. The style specifies which channels to use, and can deform the meshes by translating vertices and/or recolor vertices using ThematicDisplay.

see DisplayStyleSettings.analysisStyle to define the analysis style for a DisplayStyle.

see DisplayStyleSettings.analysisFraction to control playback of the animation.


Name Description
clone(changedProps: AnalysisStyleProps): AnalysisStyle Produce a copy of this style identical except for properties explicitly specified by changedProps.  
equals(other: AnalysisStyle): boolean Return true if this style is equivalent to other.  
toJSON(): AnalysisStyleProps Convert this style to its JSON representation.  
fromJSON(props?: AnalysisStyleProps): AnalysisStyle Static Create an analysis style from its JSON representation.  


Name Type Description
defaults Static AnalysisStyle    
displacement undefined | AnalysisStyleDisplacement    
normalChannelName undefined | string If defined, the name of the AuxChannel from which to obtain normal vectors for the vertices.  
scalar undefined | AnalysisStyleScalar    

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Last Updated: 22 June, 2021