RenderSchedule Namespace


Namespace containing types that collectively define a script that animates the contents of a view by adjusting the visibility, position, and/or symbology of groups of elements over time. A RenderSchedule.Script is hosted by a RenderTimeline element. The script can be associated with a DisplayStyleState by way of its DisplayStyleSettings.renderTimeline property.


Name Description
RenderSchedule.Interpolation Defines how two interpolate between two entries in a RenderSchedule.Timeline.


Name Description
RenderSchedule.ColorEntry A timeline entry controlling the color of the affected geometry.
RenderSchedule.CuttingPlane Defines a ClipPlane associated with a RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneEntry.
RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneEntry A timeline entry that applies a ClipPlane to the affected geometry.
RenderSchedule.ElementTimeline Specifies how to animate the geometry belonging to a set of GeometricElements as part of a RenderSchedule.Script.
RenderSchedule.ModelTimeline Specifies how to animate the geometry within a GeometricModel as part of a RenderSchedule.Script.
RenderSchedule.Script Specifies how to animate the contents of a ViewState over time.
RenderSchedule.ScriptReference A reference to a RenderSchedule.Script indicating the persistent Element from which the script was obtained.
RenderSchedule.Timeline Specifies how to animate a set of geometry over time within a RenderSchedule.Script.
RenderSchedule.TimelineEntry Describes the value of some property at a specific point along a RenderSchedule.Timeline.
RenderSchedule.TimelineEntryList A list of the RenderSchedule.TimelineEntry objects within a RenderSchedule.Timeline.
RenderSchedule.TransformComponents Describes the components of a RenderSchedule.TransformEntry as a rotation around a pivot point followed by a translation.
RenderSchedule.TransformEntry A timeline entry that applies rotation, scaling, and/or translation to the affected geometry.
RenderSchedule.TransformTimelineEntries A list of RenderSchedule.TransformEntrys within a RenderSchedule.Timeline.
RenderSchedule.VisibilityEntry A timeline entry that controls the visibility of the associated geometry.
RenderSchedule.VisibilityTimelineEntries A list of RenderSchedule.VisibilityEntrys within a RenderSchedule.Timeline.


Name Description
RenderSchedule.ColorEntryProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.ColorEntry.
RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneEntryProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneEntry.
RenderSchedule.CuttingPlaneProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.CuttingPlane.
RenderSchedule.ElementTimelineProps JSON representation of an RenderSchedule.ElementTimeline.
RenderSchedule.ModelTimelineProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.ModelTimeline.
RenderSchedule.TimelineEntryProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.TimelineEntry.
RenderSchedule.TimelineProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.Timeline.
RenderSchedule.TransformComponentsProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.TransformComponents.
RenderSchedule.TransformEntryProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.TransformEntry.
RenderSchedule.TransformProps JSON representation of a Transform associated with a RenderSchedule.TransformEntryProps.
RenderSchedule.VisibilityEntryProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.VisibilityEntry.

Type alias

Name Description
RenderSchedule.ScriptProps JSON representation of a RenderSchedule.Script.

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Last Updated: 15 June, 2021