RenderSchedule.Script Class

Specifies how to animate the contents of a ViewState over time. The script contains any number of RenderSchedule.ModelTimelines, each describing how to animate one of the models in the view.

see RenderTimeline to create an Element to host a script.

see DisplayStyleSettings.renderTimeline to associate a RenderTimeline's script with a DisplayStyle.

see DisplayStyleState.scheduleScript to obtain the script associated with a display style.


Name Description
constructor(props: Readonly<RenderSchedule.ScriptProps>): RenderSchedule.Script Protected    
find(modelId: Id64String): RenderSchedule.ModelTimeline | undefined Look up the timeline that animates the specified model, if any.  
toJSON(): RenderSchedule.ScriptProps    
fromJSON(props: Readonly<RenderSchedule.ScriptProps>): RenderSchedule.Script | undefined Static    


Name Type Description
containsFeatureOverrides boolean True if this script affects the color or transparency of the geometry.  
containsModelClipping boolean True if this script applies clipping to any models.  
containsTransform boolean True if this script affects the position, orientation, or scale of the geometry.  
duration Range1d The total time period over which this script animates.  
modelTimelines ReadonlyArray<RenderSchedule.ModelTimeline> Timelines specifying how to animate individual models within the view.  

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Last Updated: 15 June, 2021