Definitions of the "props" interfaces and types that define the wire format for communication between the frontend and backend about entities (models, elements, etc) contained in an iModel.


Name Description  
Metadata for an Entity. Beta
Metadata for a property. Beta
RelatedElement The Id and relationship class of an Element that is somehow related to another Element  
TypeDefinition A RelatedElement relationship that describes the TypeDefinitionElement of an element.  


Name Description  
ExternalSourceAttachmentRole The role that an attached ExternalSource plays. Beta
PrimitiveTypeCode The primitive types of an Entity property. Beta
Rank The rank for a Category  
SectionType An enumeration of the different types of SectionDrawings.  
TypeOfChange Bitflags describing which aspects of an Element changed as part of a ChangedElements.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
isPlacement2dProps determine if this is Placement2dProps  
isPlacement3dProps determine if this is Placement3dProps  


Name Description  
CategoryProps Parameters of a Category  
ChangedElements Changed elements found in a changeset or between a range of changesets.  
ChannelRootAspectProps Properties of an ChannelRootAspect that identifies an Element as the root of a channel which is a subset of the overall iModel hierarchy that is independently maintained.  
CustomAttribute A custom attribute instance Beta
DefinitionElementProps Properties of a DefinitionElement  
DisplayStyleLoadProps Options controlling which properties are included or excluded when querying DisplayStyleProps.  
ElementAspectProps Properties of an ElementAspect  
ElementLoadOptions Options used to specify properties to include or exclude when querying ElementLoadOptions.ElementProps with functions like  
ElementLoadProps Parameters to specify what element to load for functions like IModelDb.Elements.getElementProps.  
ElementProps Properties of an Element  
EntityMetaDataProps Beta
EntityProps The properties of an Entity as they are read/stored from/to the iModel.  
EntityQueryParams Parameters for performing a query on Entity classes.  
ExternalSourceAspectProps Properties of an ExternalSourceAspect that stores synchronization information for an element originating from an external source.  
ExternalSourceAttachmentProps Properties of an ExternalSourceAttachment Beta
ExternalSourceProps Properties of an ExternalSource Beta
GeometricElement2dProps Properties that define a GeometricElement2d  
GeometricElement3dProps Properties that define a GeometricElement3d  
GeometricElementProps Properties of a GeometricElement  
GeometricModel2dProps Properties that define a GeometricModel2d  
GeometricModel3dProps Properties that define a GeometricModel3d  
GeometricModelProps Properties that describe a GeometricModel  
GeometryPartProps Properties of a GeometryPart  
InformationPartitionElementProps Properties of a InformationPartitionElement  
LineStyleProps Properties of a LineStyle  
ModelLoadProps Properties that specify what model should be loaded.  
ModelProps Properties that define a Model  
ModelQueryParams Parameters for performing a query on Model classes.  
PhysicalElementProps Properties that define a PhysicalElement  
PhysicalTypeProps Properties of a PhysicalType  
Placement2dProps Properties of a Placement2d  
Placement3dProps Properties of a Placement3d  
PropertyMetaDataProps Beta
RelatedElementProps Properties of a NavigationProperty.  
RelationshipProps Properties that are common to all types of link table ECRelationships  
RenderTimelineLoadProps Options controlling which properties are included or excluded when querying RenderTimelineProps.  
RenderTimelineProps Wire format describing a RenderTimeline.  
RepositoryLinkProps Parameters of a RepositoryLink  
SectionDrawingLocationProps Properties that define a SectionDrawingLocation  
SectionDrawingProps Properties that define a SectionDrawing.  
SheetBorderTemplateProps Properties of a SheetBorderTemplate Beta
SheetProps Properties of a Sheet.  
SheetTemplateProps Properties of a SheetTemplate Beta
SourceAndTarget Specifies the source and target elements of a Relationship instance.  
SubCategoryProps Parameters of a SubCategory  
SubjectProps Properties of a Subject  
SynchronizationConfigLinkProps The properties of a SynchronizationConfigLink Beta
TextureLoadProps Properties that specify what texture should be loaded and how it should be loaded.  
TextureProps Properties that define a Texture element.  
TypeDefinitionElementProps Properties of a TypeDefinitionElement  
UrlLinkProps Parameters of a UrlLink  
ViewAttachmentProps Properties for a ViewAttachment  


Name Description  
Base64EncodedString Represents an array of bytes encoded in base-64 with a prefix indicating the encoding, as persisted in an ECDb for properties of binary type.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
PropertyCallback A callback function to process properties of an Entity Beta

Last Updated: 15 July, 2021