Types describing geometry, views, and symbology for consumption by a display system.


Name Description  
Feature Describes a discrete entity within a batched RenderGraphic that can be  
FeatureAppearance Defines overrides for selected aspects of a Feature's symbology.  
FeatureOverrides Specifies how to customize the appearance of individual Features, typically within the context of a Viewport.  
FeatureTable Defines a look-up table for Features within a batched RenderGraphic.  
ImageBuffer Uncompressed rectangular bitmap image data.  
ImageSource Image data encoded and compressed in either Jpeg or Png format.  
OctEncodedNormal Represents a 3d normal vector compressed into a single 16-bit integer using oct-encoding.  
RenderMaterial Represents a material which can be applied to a surface to control aspects of its appearance such as color, reflectivity, texture, and so on.  
RenderMaterial.Params Parameters used to construct a RenderMaterial  
RenderTexture Represents a texture image applied to a surface during rendering.  
RenderTexture.Params Parameters used to construct a RenderTexture.  
TextureMapping Describes how to map a RenderTexture's image onto a surface as part of a RenderMaterial.  
TextureMapping.Params Parameters describing how a RenderTexture's image is mapped to a surface.  
TextureMapping.Trans2x3 A 2x3 matrix for mapping a texture image to a surface.  


Name Description  
BatchType Describes the type of a 'batch' of graphics representing multiple Features.  
FeatureOverrideType Options for overriding element appearance.  
ImageBufferFormat Format of an ImageBuffer.  
ImageSourceFormat The format of an ImageSource.  
RenderTexture.Type Enumerates the types of RenderTextures.  
TextureMapping.Mode Enumerates the possible texture mapping modes.  
TextureMapUnits Describes the units in which a TextureMapProps' scale is expressed.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
isPowerOfTwo Returns whether the input is a power of two.  
nextHighestPowerOfTwo Returns the first power-of-two value greater than or equal to the input.  


Name Description  
AppearanceOverrideProps JSON representation of an appearance override in an EmphasizeElementsProps.  
EmphasizeElementsProps JSON representation of an EmphasizeElements.  
FeatureAppearanceProps Properties used to initialize a FeatureAppearance.  
FeatureAppearanceSource Interface adopted by an object that can supply a FeatureAppearance given a low-level description of a Feature.  
RenderMaterialAssetProps Describes the graphical properties of a RenderMaterialElement as part of a RenderMaterialProps.  
RenderMaterialProps Properties that define a RenderMaterialElement.  
TextureMapping.ParamProps Properties used to construct a TextureMapping.Params.  
TextureMapProps As part of a RenderMaterialAssetProps, describes how to map a RenderTexture's image to the triangles of a mesh to which the material is applied.  
ThumbnailFormatProps Metadata about a thumbnail image.  
ThumbnailProps Describes a thumbnail image for an IModel or ViewDefinition.  


Name Description  
Hilite Contains types related to display of hilited elements within a Viewport.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
Point2dProps A 2d point specified as an array of 2 numbers [x, y].  
RgbFactorProps Describes a color as an array of three numbers ranging from 0 to 1 where the first entry corresponds to the color's red component,  

Last Updated: 06 October, 2021