ThematicDisplay Class

The thematic display setup of a DisplayStyle3d. Thematic display allows a user to colorize a scene using a color gradient in a way that provides a visual cue about certain attributes of the rendered geometry. This scene colorization will be done based on certain geometric attributes like height, surface slope, position of surfaces relative to a sun position, or geometric position relative to a list of sensors. The documentation for ThematicDisplayMode describes how each mode colorizes the scene.


Name Description
equals(other: ThematicDisplay): boolean    
toJSON(): ThematicDisplayProps    
fromJSON(json?: ThematicDisplayProps): ThematicDisplay Static    


Name Type Description
axis Vector3d For ThematicDisplayMode.Height, this is the axis along which to apply the thematic gradient in the scene.  
displayMode ThematicDisplayMode The thematic display mode.  
gradientSettings ThematicGradientSettings The settings used to create a color gradient applied to the geometry.  
range Range1d The range to use when applying the thematic gradient for height and slope mode.  
sensorSettings ThematicDisplaySensorSettings For ThematicDisplayMode.InverseDistanceWeightedSensors, these are the settings that control the sensors.  
sunDirection Vector3d For ThematicDisplayMode.HillShade, this is the direction of the sun in world space.  

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Last Updated: 30 April, 2021