Types for defining graphical views of the contents of an iModel.


Name Description  
Camera The current position (eyepoint), lens angle, and focus distance of a camera.  
ClipStyle Describes symbology and behavior applied to a ClipVector when applied to a ViewState or ModelClipGroup. Beta
CutStyle As part of a ClipStyle, describes how section-cut graphics should be displayed. Beta
Frustum The region of physical (3d) space that appears in a view.  
ViewDetails Encapsulates access to optional view details stored in JSON properties. Beta
ViewDetails3d Encapsulates access to optional 3d view details stored in JSON properties. Beta


Name Description  
NpcCenter The center point of the Normalized Plane Coordinate cube.  
NpcCorners The 8 corners of an Npc Frustum.  


Name Description  
GridOrientationType Describes the orientation of the grid displayed within a Viewport.  
Npc The 8 corners of the Normalized Plane Coordinate cube.  


Name Description  
AuxCoordSystem2dProps Properties of AuxCoordSystem2d  
AuxCoordSystem3dProps Properties of AuxCoordSystem3d  
CameraProps JSON representation of a Camera.  
CategorySelectorProps Properties that define a CategorySelector  
ClipStyleProps Wire format describing a ClipStyle. Beta
CutStyleProps Wire format describing a CutStyle applied to section-cut geometry produced at intersections with a view's ClipVector. Beta
ModelSelectorProps Properties that define a ModelSelector  
SectionDrawingViewProps As part of a ViewStateProps, describes the SpatialViewDefinition from which a SectionDrawing was generated. Beta
SpatialViewDefinitionProps Parameters to construct a SpatialViewDefinition  
ViewDefinition2dProps Parameters used to construct a ViewDefinition2d  
ViewDefinition3dProps Parameters to construct a ViewDefinition3d  
ViewDefinitionProps Parameters used to construct a ViewDefinition  
ViewQueryParams Parameters for performing a query on ViewDefinition classes.  
ViewStateLoadProps Options for loading a ViewStateProps via IModelConnection.Views.load or IModelDb.Views.getViewStateData.  
ViewStateProps Returned from IModelDb.Views.getViewStateData.  

Last Updated: 28 December, 2020