ClipStyle Class

Describes symbology and behavior applied to a ClipVector when applied to a ViewState or ModelClipGroup.

see DisplayStyleSettings.clipStyle.


Name Description
toJSON(): ClipStyleProps | undefined The JSON representation of this style.  
create(produceCutGeometry: boolean, cutStyle: CutStyle, insideColor?: RgbColor, outsideColor?: RgbColor): ClipStyle Static Create a style from its components.  
fromJSON(props?: ClipStyleProps): ClipStyle Static    


Name Type Description
cutStyle CutStyle Controls aspects of how the cut geometry is displayed, if ClipStyle.produceCutGeometry is true.  
defaults Static ClipStyle The default style, which overrides none of the view's settings.  
insideColor undefined | RgbColor If defined, geometry inside the clip planes will be drawn in this color.  
matchesDefaults Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if this style matches the ClipStyle.defaults - that is, it overrides no settings from the view.  
outsideColor undefined | RgbColor If defined, geometry outside of the clip planes will be drawn in this color instead of being clipped.  
produceCutGeometry boolean If true, geometry will be produced at the clip planes.  

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Last Updated: 30 April, 2021