IModelConnection.Views Class

The collection of views for an IModelConnection.


Name Description
getThumbnail(viewId: Id64String): Promise<ThumbnailProps> Get a thumbnail for a view.  
getViewList(queryParams: ViewQueryParams): Promise<BriefcaseConnection.ViewSpec[]> Get an array of the ViewSpecs for all views in this IModel that satisfy a ViewQueryParams.  
load(viewDefinitionId: Id64String): Promise<ViewState> Load a ViewState object from the specified ViewDefinition id.  
queryDefaultViewId(): Promise<Id64String> Query the Id of the default view associated with this iModel.  
queryProps(queryParams: ViewQueryParams): Promise<ViewDefinitionProps[]> Query for an array of ViewDefinitionProps  
saveThumbnail(viewId: Id64String, thumbnail: ThumbnailProps): Promise<void> Save a thumbnail for a view.  

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Last Updated: 18 December, 2020