GeometricModel2dState Class

Represents the front-end state of a GeometricModel2d.


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Name Description
constructor(props: GeometricModel2dProps, iModel: IModelConnection, state?: GeometricModel2dState): GeometricModel2dState    
toJSON(): GeometricModel2dProps    

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
clone(iModel?: IModelConnection): this EntityState Make an independent copy of this EntityState
equals(other: this): boolean EntityState Return true if this EntityState is equal to another one.

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
asGeometricModel3d Accessor ReadOnly GeometricModel3dState | undefined ModelState Attempts to cast this model to a 3d geometric model.
asSpatialModel Accessor ReadOnly SpatialModelState | undefined ModelState Attempts to cast this model to a spatial model.
classFullName Accessor StaticReadOnly string EntityState Get full BIS class name of this Entity in the form "SchemaName:ClassName".
classFullName string EntityState The full class name in the form "schema:class".
className Accessor ReadOnly string EntityState The name of the BIS class associated with this class.
id Id64String EntityState The Id of this Entity.
iModel IModelConnection EntityState The iModel from which this Entity was loaded
is2d Accessor ReadOnly boolean GeometricModelState Returns true if this is a 2d model (a GeometricModel2dState).
isPrivate boolean ModelState  
isTemplate boolean ModelState  
jsonProperties [key: string]: any EntityState Optional json properties of this Entity.
modeledElement RelatedElement ModelState  
name string ModelState  
parentModel Id64String ModelState  
schemaName Accessor StaticReadOnly string EntityState The name of the BIS schema for this class.

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Last Updated: 01 December, 2021