Classes for working with Native Applications


Name Description  
IpcApp The frontend of apps with a dedicated backend that can use Ipc.  
NativeApp The frontend of a native application  
NativeAppAuthorization Object to be set as IModelApp.authorizationClient for the frontend of NativeApps.  
NotificationHandler Base class for all implementations of an Ipc notification response interface.  
Storage A local disk-based cache for key value pairs for NativeApps.  


Name Description  
IpcAppOptions Options for IpcApp.startup  
NativeAppOpts Options for NativeApp.startup  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AsyncFunction type check for an function that returns a Promise  
AsyncMethodsOf a type that is the list of the asynchronous functions in an interface  
DownloadBriefcaseId Properties for specifying the BriefcaseId for downloading.  
DownloadBriefcaseOptions Options to download a briefcase  
PromiseReturnType get the type of the promised value of an asynchronous function  

Last Updated: 06 October, 2021