GraphicBuilderOptions Interface

Options for creating a GraphicBuilder used by functions like DecorateContext.createGraphic and RenderSystem.createGraphic.


Name Type Description
applyAspectRatioSkew undefined | false | true If true, ViewState.getAspectRatioSkew will be taken into account when computing the level of detail for the produced graphics.  
generateEdges undefined | false | true Controls whether edges are generated for surfaces.  
pickable undefined | PickableGraphicOptions If the graphic is to be pickable, specifies the pickable Id and other options.  
placement undefined | Transform The local-to-world transform in which the builder's geometry is to be defined - by default, an identity transform.  
preserveOrder undefined | false | true If true, the order in which geometry is added to the builder is preserved.  
type GraphicType The type of graphic to produce.  
viewport Viewport The viewport in which the resultant RenderGraphic is to be drawn, used for calculating the graphic's level of detail.  
wantNormals undefined | false | true Controls whether normals are generated for surfaces.  

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Last Updated: 25 August, 2021