createGraphicBuilder Method

Creates a GraphicBuilder for creating a RenderGraphic.

createGraphicBuilder(placement: Transform, type: GraphicType, viewport: Viewport, pickableId?: Id64String): GraphicBuilder

see IModelConnection.transientIds for obtaining an ID for a pickable decoration.

see RenderContext.createGraphicBuilder.

see Decorator

Parameter Type Description
placement Transform The local-to-world transform in which the builder's geometry is to be defined.
type GraphicType The type of builder to create.
viewport Viewport The viewport in which the resultant RenderGraphic will be rendered.
pickableId Id64String If the decoration is to be pickable, a unique identifier to associate with the resultant RenderGraphic.

Returns - GraphicBuilder

A builder for creating a RenderGraphic of the specified type appropriate for rendering within the specified viewport.

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Last Updated: 15 June, 2021