Classes representing graphics as hierarchical 3d tiles.


Name Description  
DisclosedTileTreeSet A set of TileTrees disclosed by a set of objects implementing TileTreeDiscloser, used to collect references to tile trees in use by those objects. Beta
Tile A 3d tile within a TileTree. Beta
TileAdmin Manages Tiles and TileTrees on behalf of IModelApp. Beta
TileDrawArgs Arguments used when selecting and drawing Tiles. Beta
TileRequest Represents a pending or active request to load the contents of a Tile. Beta
TileTree A hierarchical level-of-detail tree of 3d Tiles to be rendered in a Viewport. Beta
TileTreeReference A reference to a TileTree suitable for drawing within a Viewport. Beta
TileUsageMarker A marker associated with a Tile to track usage of that tile by any number of viewports. Beta


Name Description  
TileGraphicType Describes the type of graphics produced by a TileTreeReference. Beta
TileLoadPriority Loosely describes the "importance" of a tile. Beta
TileLoadStatus Describes the current status of a Tile's content. Beta
TileTreeLoadStatus Describes the current state of a TileTree. Beta
TileVisibility Describes the visibility of a tile based on its size and a view frustum. Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
getCesiumAssetUrl Beta


Name Description  
GpuMemoryLimits Defines separate GpuMemoryLimits for mobile and desktop clients. Beta
TileAdmin.Props Describes configuration of a TileAdmin. Beta
TileAdmin.Statistics Statistics regarding the current and cumulative state of the TileAdmin. Beta
TileContent Describes the contents of a Tile. Beta
TileDrawArgParams Parameters used to construct TileDrawArgs Beta
TileParams Parameters used to construct a Tile. Beta
TileTreeDiscloser Interface adopted by an object that contains references to TileTrees, to expose those trees. Beta
TileTreeOwner Owns and manages the lifecycle of a TileTree. Beta
TileTreeParams Parameters used to construct a TileTree Beta
TileTreeSupplier Interface adopted by an object which can supply a TileTree for rendering. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
GpuMemoryLimit Describes a strategy for imposing limits upon the amount of GPU memory consumed by Tile content. Beta
TileRequest.Response The type of a raw response to a request for tile content. Beta
TileRequest.ResponseData The input to Tile.readContent, to be converted into a Tile.Content. Beta

Last Updated: 26 February, 2021