TileAdmin Class

Manages Tiles and TileTrees on behalf of IModelApp. Its responsibilities include scheduling requests for tile content via a priority queue; keeping track of and imposing limits upon the amount of GPU memory consumed by tiles; and notifying listeners of tile-related events.

see IModelApp.tileAdmin to access the instance of the TileAdmin.

see TileAdmin.Props to configure the TileAdmin at startup.


Name Description
freeMemory(): void Exported strictly for tests.  
getMaximumMajorTileFormatVersion(formatVersion?: number): number Given a numeric combined major+minor tile format version (typically obtained from a request to the backend to query the maximum tile format version it supports),  
getNumRequestsForViewport(vp: Viewport): number Returns the number of pending and active requests associated with the specified viewport.  
resetStatistics(): void Resets the cumulative (per-session) statistics like totalCompletedRequests, totalEmptyTiles, etc.  
create(props?: TileAdmin.Props): Promise<TileAdmin> Static Create a TileAdmin suitable for passing to IModelApp.startup via IModelAppOptions.tileAdmin to customize aspects of  


Name Type Description
channels TileRequestChannels    
defaultTileSizeModifier Accessor number A default multiplier applied to the size in pixels of a Tile during tile selection for any Viewport.  
gpuMemoryLimit Accessor GpuMemoryLimit The strategy for limiting the amount of GPU memory allocated to Tile graphics.  
maxTotalTileContentBytes Accessor ReadOnly number | undefined The maximum number of bytes of GPU memory that can be allocated to the contents of Tiles.  
statistics Accessor ReadOnly TileAdmin.Statistics Returns basic statistics about the TileAdmin's current state.  
totalTileContentBytes Accessor ReadOnly number The total number of bytes of GPU memory allocated to Tile contents.  

Object Literals

Name Description
mobileGpuMemoryLimits Static The number of bytes of GPU memory associated with the various GpuMemoryLimits for mobile devices.
nonMobileGpuMemoryLimits Static The number of bytes of GPU memory associated with the various GpuMemoryLimits for non-mobile devices.

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Last Updated: 02 April, 2021