Name Description
ArrowTool Tool for placing Markup Arrows Beta,
CircleTool Tool for placing Markup Circles Beta,
CloudTool Tool for placing Markup Clouds Beta,
DistanceTool Tool for measuring distances and placing Markups of them Beta,
EditTextTool Tool for editing text. Beta,
EllipseTool Tool for placing Markup Ellipses Beta,
Handles The set of ModifyHandles active. Beta,
LineTool Tool for placing Markup Lines Beta,
Markup The current markup being created/edited. Beta,
MarkupApp The main object for the Markup package. Beta,
MarkupSelected The set of currently selected SVG elements. Beta,
MarkupTool Base class for all tools that operate on Markup elements. Beta,
ModifyHandle Classes added to HTMLElements so they can be customized in CSS by applications. Beta,
PlaceTextTool Tool to place new text notes on a Markup. Beta,
PolygonTool Tool for placing Markup Polygons Beta,
RectangleTool Tool for placing Markup Rectangles Beta,
RedlineTool Base class for tools that place new Markup elements Beta,
SelectTool Provides UI for selection, delete, move, copy, bring-to-front, send-to-back, etc. Beta,
SketchTool Tool for placing Markup freehand sketches Beta,
SymbolTool Tool for placing SVG symbols on a Markup Beta,
UndoManager Stores the sequence of operations performed on a Markup. Beta,


Name Description
MarkupColor Beta,
MarkupData Markup data returned by MarkupApp.stop Beta,
MarkupSvgData The size and SVG string for a Markup Beta,
WidthAndHeight Beta,

Last Updated: 05 November, 2020