Name Description
AbstractStatusBarItemUtilities Helper class to create Abstract StatusBar Item definitions. Beta,
BackstageItemUtilities Utilities for creating and maintaining backstage items Beta,
BaseQuantityDescription Base Quantity Property Description Beta,
ConditionalBooleanValue Class used to return a boolean value.
ConditionalStringValue Class used to return a string value. Beta,
DialogLayoutDataProvider DialogLayoutDataProvider Abstract class that allows property values to be passed between hosting API and Dialog that generates and arranges components dynamically Beta,
GenericUiEvent The GenericUiEvent is the base event class for UI events that target a specific component, as identified in uiComponentId. Beta,
IconSpecUtilities Creates an IconSpec with an SVG source and gets the SVG source from an IconSpec. Beta,
PropertyRecord PropertyRecord contains instance information about a Property, including a Beta,
SyncPropertiesChangeEvent Sync UI Control Properties Event class. Beta,
ToolbarItemUtilities Helper class to create Abstract StatusBar Item definitions. Beta,
UiAbstract Entry point for static initialization required by various components used in the package.
UiAdmin The UiAdmin controls various UI components and is callable from IModelApp.uiAdmin in the imodeljs-frontend package. Beta,
UiDataProvider [[UiDataProvider ]] Abstract class that allows property values to be passed between hosting API and UI. Beta,
UiError iModel.js UI UiError class is a subclass of BentleyError.
UiItemsArbiter Arbitrates between the UiItemsApplication and a UiItemsProvider Beta,
UiItemsManager Controls registering of UiItemsProviders and calls the provider's methods when populating different parts of the User Interface. Beta,
UiLayoutDataProvider Beta,


Name Description
AlternateDateFormats Alternate Data Formats that can be provide by javascript. Beta,
BackstageItemType Used to specify the item type added to the backstage menu. Beta,
BadgeType Specifies type of badge, if any, that should be overlaid on UI component.
DialogButtonStyle Enum for button style.
DialogButtonType Enum for button types.
FunctionKey Enumeration for Function Keys
PropertyChangeStatus Status of Proposed property changes from UI to UiDataProvider Beta,
PropertyEditorParamTypes Enum for Property Editor Param Types Beta,
PropertyValueFormat Enumeration for Format of the property value. Beta,
RelativePosition Relative Position for popups
SpecialKey Enumeration for Special Keys
StagePanelLocation Available Stage Panel locations. Beta,
StagePanelSection Enum for Stage Panel Sections Beta,
StageUsage Standard stage uses. Beta,
StandardEditorNames Standard Editor Names for property editors. Beta,
StandardTypeNames Standard Type Names for converters and editors. Beta,
StatusBarLabelSide Defines which side of Icon where label is placed Beta,
StatusBarSection Status bar Groups/Sections from Left to Right Beta,
TimeDisplay Enum that defines supported time formats. Beta,
ToolbarOrientation Used to specify the orientation of the toolbar. Beta,
ToolbarUsage Used to specify the usage of the toolbar which determine the toolbar position. Beta,
UiItemsApplicationAction Action taken by the application on item provided by a UiItemsProvider Beta,
WidgetState Widget state enum. Beta,

Global Functions

Name Description
isAbstractStatusBarActionItem AbstractStatusBarActionItem type guard. Beta,
isAbstractStatusBarCustomItem AbstractStatusBarCustomItem type guard. Beta,
isAbstractStatusBarLabelItem AbstractStatusBarLabelItem type guard. Beta,
isActionItem BackstageActionItem type guard. Beta,
isArrowKey Determines if a KeyboardEvent.key is an Arrow key
isButtonGroupEditorParams ButtonGroupEditorParams type guard. Beta,
isColorEditorParams ColorEditorParams type guard. Beta,
isCustomFormattedNumberParams CustomFormattedNumberParams type guard. Beta,
isIconListEditorParams IconListEditorParams type guard. Beta,
isInputEditorSizeParams InputEditorSizeParams type guard. Beta,
isStageLauncher BackstageStageLauncher type guard. Beta,
isSuppressLabelEditorParams SuppressLabelEditorParams type guard. Beta,


Name Description
AbstractActionItemProps Definition for an item that executes and action. Beta,
AbstractMenuItemProps Properties for a Menu item Beta,
AbstractStatusBarActionItem Describes the data needed to insert an action item into the status bar. Beta,
AbstractStatusBarCustomItem Describes the data needed to insert a custom item into the status bar. Beta,
AbstractStatusBarItem Describes the data needed to insert a button into the status bar. Beta,
AbstractStatusBarLabelItem Describes the data needed to insert a label item with an optional icon into the status bar. Beta,
AbstractToolbarProps Definition for a Toolbar. Beta,
AbstractWidgetProps Properties for a Widget. Beta,
ActionButton Describes the data needed to insert an action button into a toolbar. Beta,
ArrayValue Array property value Beta,
BackstageActionItem Describes the data needed to insert an action button into the backstage menu. Beta,
BackstageStageLauncher Describes the data needed to insert an action button into the backstage menu. Beta,
BaseDialogItem BaseDialogItem contains only the members necessary to create a PropertyRecord. Beta,
BasePropertyEditorParams BasePropertyEditorParams Base interface for Property Editor Params Beta,
BasePropertyValue Base interface for a property value Beta,
ButtonGroupEditorParams ButtonGroupEditorParams Parameters used by EnumButtonGroupEditor to define icons in button group. Beta,
ColorEditorParams ColorEditorParams Parameters used to populate color type editor with a specific set of colors. Beta,
CommandHandler Definition for a command handler. Beta,
CommonBackstageItem Describes the data needed to insert a button into the backstage menu. Beta,
CommonItemProps Definition that specifies properties shared between many ConfigurableUi components. Beta,
CustomButtonDefinition Describes the data needed to insert a custom button into a toolbar. Beta,
CustomFormattedNumberParams Parameters used with properties that want to control parsing and formatting. Beta,
DateFormatter Interface used to provide a custom Date Time formatter and optional parser Beta,
DialogButtonDef Interface for a dialog button in a button cluster
DialogItem DialogItem is the specification that the display engine turns into a UI item Beta,
DialogItemValue DialogItemValue Interface of PrimitiveValue types that have type editor support for use in dialogs Beta,
DialogPropertyItem DialogPropertyItem us the specification to use if you are defining the components directly, e.g., in React Beta,
DialogPropertySyncItem DialogPropertySyncItem is used to pass sync messages for DialogPropertyItems Beta,
DialogProps Optional props to pass to the Dialog control that is generated. Beta,
DialogRow DialogRow is the interface that groups dialog items into rows for building UI Beta,
EditorPosition EditorPosition Interface used to identify the location of the item a DialogItem property value. Beta,
EnumerationChoice Information about an enumeration choice Beta,
EnumerationChoicesInfo Information about a set of enumeration choices Beta,
GenericUiEventArgs The Generic UI Event args contains information useful for any UI message Beta,
GroupButton Describes the data needed to insert a group button into a toolbar. Beta,
IconDefinition IconDefinition Information about an icon displayed next to a property editor. Beta,
IconEditorParams Parameters used to display an icon next to property editor. Beta,
IconListEditorParams IconListEditorParams Parameters used to populate icon type editor with a specific set of icons. Beta,
ImageCheckBoxParams Parameters for ImageCheckBoxEditor Beta,
IMatch Interface that returns indices of matches
InputEditorSizeParams InputEditorSizeParams type guard. Beta,
LinkElementsInfo Properties for the PropertyRecord with link info supplied Beta,
MultilineTextEditorParams Parameter that is used to indicate that a multiline text editor should be created. Beta,
ParseResults defines Results of parsing a string input by a user into its desired value type Beta,
PrimitiveValue Primitive property value Beta,
PropertyChangeResult Interface used by UiDataProvider to report change status (validation) to UI. Beta,
PropertyConverterInfo Information about a Property Converter Beta,
PropertyDescription PropertyDescription contains metadata about a Property Beta,
PropertyEditorInfo Information about a Property Editor Beta,
PropertyRendererInfo Property renderer identification and customization attributes Beta,
ProvidedItem Properties for an item provided by UiItemsProvider Beta,
RangeEditorParams Parameters used by PropertyEditors that support defining a minimum and maximum value. Beta,
SliderEditorParams Parameters used to indicate that a Slider should be presented for the property Beta,
StructValue Struct property value Beta,
SuppressLabelEditorParams SuppressLabelEditorParams Parameters used to suppress the label for a type editor in the ToolSettings widget. Beta,
SyncPropertiesChangeEventArgs Sync UI Control Properties Event Args interface. Beta,
ToolbarItem Describes the data needed to insert a UI items into an existing set of UI items. Beta,
UiFlags Flags that control enabling/disabling certain UI feature Beta,
UiItemProviderRegisteredEventArgs UIProvider Registered Event Args interface. Beta,
UiItemsApplication Application for items provided by a UiItemsProvider Beta,
UiItemsProvider Describes interface of objects that want to provide UI component to the running IModelApp. Beta,


Name Description
Primitives Primitive Property Value Types. Beta,

Type Aliases

Name Description
BackstageItem Describes the data needed to insert a button into the backstage menu. Beta,
CommonStatusBarItem Describes the data needed to insert a button into the status bar. Beta,
CommonToolbarItem Any Button Type that can be inserted into a toolbar. Beta,
OnCancelFunc Signature for onCancel function. Beta,
OnItemExecutedFunc Signature for onItemExecuted function. Beta,
OnNumberCommitFunc Signature for number onCommit function. Beta,
OnValueCommitFunc Signature for value onCommit function. Beta,
PropertyEditorParams Type definition for Property Editor params Beta,
PropertyValue Type for all property values Beta,
StatusBarItemId Type for StatusBar Item Id Beta,
StringGetter Prototype for string getter function. Beta,
ToolbarItemId Type for Toolbar Item Id Beta,

Last Updated: 05 November, 2020