ConditionalStringValue Class

Class used to return a string value. The string value is refreshed by using the specified function. The syncEventIds define one or more eventIds that would require the stringGetter function to be rerun.


Name Description
constructor(stringGetter: () => string, syncEventIds: string[], value?: string): ConditionalStringValue Constructor for ConditionalStringValue.  
refresh(): boolean Called to update the value by running the stringGetter  
getValue(conditionalValue: ConditionalStringValue | string | undefined): string | undefined Static helper function to get string from a ConditionalStringValue | string | undefined  
refreshValue(conditionalValue: ConditionalStringValue | string | undefined, eventIds: Set<string>): boolean Static helper function to process properties defined as type ConditionalStringValue | string | undefined  


Name Type Description
stringGetter ConstructorProperty () => string Function to run to retrieve the value for the conditional.  
syncEventIds ConstructorProperty string[] An array of eventId that should be monitored to determine when to run the refresh method.  
value Accessor ReadOnly string The current boolean value of the conditional.  

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Last Updated: 15 June, 2021