Classes and components for working with a PropertyGrid.


Name Description  
PropertyCategoryBlock PropertyCategoryBlock React component  
PropertyCategoryDataFiltererBase PropertyDataFilter base which is suited for only Category filtering Beta
PropertyDataChangeEvent An event broadcasted on property data changes  
PropertyDataFiltererBase PropertyDataFilter base which helps implement common logic between all IPropertyDataFilterer Beta
PropertyFilterChangeEvent An event broadcasted when property filter changes Beta
PropertyGrid PropertyGrid React component.  
PropertyList A React component that renders multiple properties within a category as a list.  
PropertyRecordDataFiltererBase PropertyDataFilter base which is suited for only Record filtering Beta
SimplePropertyDataProvider Implementation of [IPropertyDataProvider] that uses an associative array.  


Name Description  
CompositeFilterType Logical operator for composite filterer. Beta
FilteredType Enumeration of possible component filtered types Beta


Name Description  
CommonPropertyGridProps Common Property Grid Props to be used by Property Grid Variants  
FilteredPropertyData Data returned by FilteringPropertyDataProvider Beta
IPropertyDataFilterer Interface to be implemented by Property Data Filter classes Beta
IPropertyDataProvider An interface for property data provider which returns  
PropertyCategory Contains metadata about a group of Properties.  
PropertyCategoryBlockProps Properties for the PropertyCategoryBlock React component  
PropertyData Interface for property data provided to the PropertyGrid React component.  
PropertyDataFilterResult Data structure for storing IPropertyDataFilterer matching results Beta
PropertyEditingArgs Arguments for the Property Editing event callback  
PropertyGridCategory Property Category in the PropertyGrid state Deprecated
PropertyGridContextMenuArgs Arguments for PropertyGridProps.onPropertyContextMenu callback  
PropertyGridProps Properties for PropertyGrid React component  
PropertyListProps Properties of PropertyList React component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
PropertyDataChangesListener A signature for property data change listeners  
PropertyFilterChangesListener A signature for property data change listeners Beta

Last Updated: 11 December, 2020