BeInspireTreeNode<TPayload> Interface

Deprecated  Use ControlledTree instead. Will be removed in iModel.js 3.0.

Type definition for all BeInspireTree nodes



Name Description
isDirty(): boolean    
setDirty(value: boolean): void    

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
constructor(tree: InspireTree, source: any | TreeNode, excludeKeys: Array<string>): BeInspireTreeNode TreeNode  
constructor(tree: InspireTree, source: any | TreeNode): BeInspireTreeNode TreeNode  
constructor(tree: InspireTree): BeInspireTreeNode TreeNode  
addChild(node: NodeConfig): TreeNode TreeNode  
addChildren(nodes: Array<NodeConfig>): TreeNodes TreeNode  
assign(...sources: object[]): TreeNode TreeNode  
available(): boolean TreeNode  
blur(): TreeNode TreeNode  
check(shallow?: false | true): TreeNode TreeNode  
checked(): boolean TreeNode  
clean(): TreeNode TreeNode  
clone(excludeKeys?: Array<string>): TreeNode TreeNode  
collapse(): TreeNode TreeNode  
collapsed(): boolean TreeNode  
context(): TreeNodes TreeNode  
copy(hierarchy?: false | true): TreeNode TreeNode  
copyHierarchy(excludeNode?: false | true): TreeNode TreeNode  
deselect(shallow?: false | true): TreeNode TreeNode  
editable(): boolean TreeNode  
editing(): boolean TreeNode  
expand(): Promise<TreeNode> TreeNode  
expandParents(): TreeNode TreeNode  
expanded(): boolean TreeNode  
focus(): TreeNode TreeNode  
focused(): boolean TreeNode  
getChildren(): TreeNodes TreeNode  
getParent(): TreeNode TreeNode  
getParents(): TreeNodes TreeNode  
getTextualHierarchy(): Array<string> TreeNode  
hasAncestor(): boolean TreeNode  
hasChildren(): boolean TreeNode  
hasOrWillHaveChildren(): boolean TreeNode  
hasParent(): boolean TreeNode  
hasVisibleChildren(): boolean TreeNode  
hidden(): boolean TreeNode  
hide(): TreeNode TreeNode  
indeterminate(): boolean TreeNode  
indexPath(): string TreeNode  
lastDeepestVisibleChild(): TreeNode TreeNode  
loadChildren(): Promise<TreeNodes> TreeNode  
loading(): boolean TreeNode  
markDirty(): TreeNode TreeNode  
matched(): TreeNodes TreeNode  
nextVisibleAncestralSiblingNode(): TreeNode TreeNode  
nextVisibleChildNode(): TreeNode TreeNode  
nextVisibleNode(): TreeNode TreeNode  
nextVisibleSiblingNode(): TreeNode TreeNode  
pagination(): Pagination TreeNode  
previousVisibleNode(): TreeNode TreeNode  
previousVisibleSiblingNode(): TreeNode TreeNode  
recurseDown(iteratee: NodeIteratee): TreeNode TreeNode  
recurseUp(iteratee: NodeIteratee): TreeNode TreeNode  
refreshIndeterminateState(): TreeNode TreeNode  
reload(): Promise<TreeNodes> TreeNode  
remove(includeState?: false | true): any TreeNode  
removed(): boolean TreeNode  
rendered(): boolean TreeNode  
restore(): TreeNode TreeNode  
select(shallow?: false | true): TreeNode TreeNode  
selectable(): boolean TreeNode  
selected(): boolean TreeNode  
set(key: number | string, val: any): TreeNode TreeNode  
show(): TreeNode TreeNode  
softRemove(): TreeNode TreeNode  
state(key: object | string, val?: false | true): boolean | object TreeNode  
states(keys: Array<string>, val: boolean): boolean TreeNode  
toObject(excludeChildren?: false | true, includeState?: false | true): any TreeNode  
toString(): string TreeNode  
toggleCheck(): TreeNode TreeNode  
toggleCollapse(): TreeNode TreeNode  
toggleEditing(): TreeNode TreeNode  
toggleSelect(): TreeNode TreeNode  
tree(): InspireTree TreeNode  
uncheck(shallow?: false | true): TreeNode TreeNode  
visible(): boolean TreeNode  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
beInspireTree BeInspireTree<TPayload> BeInspireTreeNodePayloadConfig<TPayload> Reference to the tree
children BeInspireTreeNodeConfig[] | true BeInspireTreeNodeConfig  
id undefined | string BeInspireTreeNodeConfig  
itree undefined | BeInspireTreeNodeITree BeInspireTreeNodeConfig  
payload undefined | TPayload BeInspireTreeNodePayloadConfig<TPayload> Node's data.
placeholderIndex undefined | number BeInspireTreeNodePayloadConfig<TPayload> Index of the node at the parent level.
text string BeInspireTreeNodeConfig  

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Last Updated: 06 October, 2021