TreeProps Interface

Deprecated  Use ControlledTree instead. Will be removed in iModel.js 3.0.

Properties for the DEPRECATED_Tree component



Name Type Description
bulkCheckboxActionsDisabled undefined | false | true Set to true to remove the ability to control multiple checkboxes using a single click.  
cellEditing undefined | EditableTreeProps Properties for cell editing logic.  
checkboxInfo undefined | (node: TreeNodeItem) => CheckBoxInfo | Promise<CheckBoxInfo> Alternative source of truth for node checkbox information.  
dataProvider TreeDataProvider Nodes provider  
disposeChildrenOnCollapse undefined | false | true Should child nodes be disposed when parent node is collapsed.  
imageLoader undefined | ITreeImageLoader Custom image loader.  
nodeHighlightingProps undefined | HighlightableTreeProps Properties for node highlighting logic.  
onCheckboxClick undefined | (stateChanges: Array<{ newState: CheckBoxState, node: TreeNodeItem }>) => void Called when nodes change their checkbox state.  
onChildrenLoaded undefined | (parent: TreeNodeItem, children: TreeNodeItem[]) => void Callback that's called when child nodes are loaded.  
onNodeCollapsed undefined | (node: TreeNodeItem) => void Callback that's called when node is collapsed  
onNodeExpanded undefined | (node: TreeNodeItem) => void Callback that's called when node is expanded  
onRootNodesLoaded undefined | (nodes: TreeNodeItem[]) => void Callback that's called when root nodes are loaded.  
onSelectionLoadCanceled undefined | () => void Called when selection load is canceled.  
onSelectionLoadFinished undefined | () => void Called when selection load is finished  
onSelectionLoadProgress undefined | (loaded: number, total: number, cancel: () => void) => void Called to report progress of selection load.  
pageSize undefined | number Size of a single page that's requested from dataProvider (only  
propertyValueRendererManager undefined | PropertyValueRendererManager Custom property value renderer manager  
renderOverrides undefined | { renderCheckbox?: NodeCheckboxRenderer, renderNode?: } Contains render overrides for different pieces of the tree component  
rowHeight (node?: TreeNodeItem, index?: number) => number | number A constant value for row height, or a function that calculates row height based on rendered node  
selectedNodes string[] | (node: TreeNodeItem) => boolean Describes nodes that should be selected.  
selectionMode undefined | SelectionMode Mode of nodes' selection in the tree  
showDescriptions undefined | false | true Turns on node description rendering when enabled  
showIcons undefined | false | true Turns on icon rendering when enabled  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
className undefined | string ClassNameProps Custom CSS class name
style undefined | React.CSSProperties CommonProps Custom CSS style properties

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Last Updated: 06 October, 2021