Name Description
ActivateSettingsTabEvent Event class for onActivateSettingsTab which is emitted when API call needs to set the active settings tab (ie via Tool key-in). Beta
AutoSuggest Auto Suggest React component. Beta
Button Generic button component
Checkbox A React component that renders a simple checkbox with label.
CheckListBox React component showing a list of Checkbox items.
CheckListBoxItem Item with a checkbox added to a CheckListBox.
ContextMenu A context menu populated with ContextMenuItem components.
ContextMenuDivider Menu Divider for ContextMenu.
ContextMenuItem Menu Item class for use within a ContextMenu component.
ContextSubMenu Submenu wrapper class for use within a ContextMenu component.
Cube Cube React component used by the 3d Cube Navigation Aid
Dialog Dialog React component with optional resizing and dragging functionality
ExpandableBlock ExpandableBlock React component is a container that shows and hides child content.
ExpandableList ExpandableList React component is a container for ExpandableBlock components.
ExpansionToggle ExpansionToggle React component used by the TreeNode component to show collapsed or expanded state
Field Component that represents a single field in an input form. Beta
Form Component used to create a Form using supplied properties to specify the fields of the Form. Beta
GlobalContextMenu GlobalContextMenu React component used to display a ContextMenu at the cursor
GlobalDialog GlobalDialog React component used to display a Dialog on the top of screen
IconHelper Icon Helper Class used to store the data needed to generate an for use in any control that shows an icon.
ImageCheckBox ImageCheckBox React component shows a checked or unchecked image
InputLabel Text input wrapper that provides additional styling and labeling
LabeledSelect Dropdown wrapper that allows for additional styling and labelling
LabeledToggle Toggle component with a Label to the right
LoadingBar A loading bar with optional percentage text.
LoadingPrompt A component to display during loading that optionally shows percentage, status text and a cancel button.
LoadingSpinner A loading spinner component that optionally shows a text message.
LoadingStatus A loading indicator that shows status text along with the percentage.
LocalSettingsStorage Implementation of UiSettingsStorage using Window.localStorage.
LocalUiSettings Alias for LocalSettingsStorage Beta
MessageBox Message Box React component.
MessageContainer Message Container React component.
NumericInput Numeric Input React component. Beta
Popup Popup React component displays a popup relative to an optional target element.
ProcessSettingsContainerCloseEvent Event class for onProcessSettingsContainerClose which is emitted when the settings container will be closed. Beta
ProcessSettingsTabActivationEvent Event class for onProcessSettingsTabActivation which is emitted when a new Tab needs to be activated. Beta
RadialButton Button for use within a RadialMenu Beta
RadialMenu A context menu arranged in a radial layout. Beta
Radio Basic radio input component is a wrapper for the <input type="radio"> HTML element.
ScrollPositionMaintainer A helper class to recursively save and restore scroll positions. Beta
Input box for entering text to search for.
SessionSettingsStorage Implementation of UiSettings using Window.sessionStorage.
SessionUiSettings Alias for SessionSettingsStorage Beta
SettingsManager Settings Manager class. Beta
SettingsProvidersChangedEvent Event class for onSettingsProvidersChanged which is emitted when a new SettingsTabsProvider is added or removed. Beta
Spinner An indeterminate spinner component.
SplitButton SplitButton with an action button on the left and an arrow button that displays a context menu on the right.
SvgPath Svg element wrapper with specified Svg paths.
SvgSprite Svg element wrapper.
Tabs Tabs meant to represent the current position in a page/section
Tile The Tile React component is a container for rendering elements that can be grouped together. Beta
Timer Notifies handler after a set interval.
Tree Presentation React component for a Tree
TreeBranch Presentation React component for a Tree branch
TreeNode Presentation React component for a Tree node
TreeNodePlaceholder Presentation React component for a placeholder to be displayed instead of a node while it's being loaded
UiCore Manages the I18N service for the ui-core package.
UiEvent iModel.js UI UiEvent class is a subclass of BeEvent with argument type safety.
UiSetting A Ui Setting with namespace and setting name.


Name Description
DivWithOutsideClick Div element with Outside Click behavior
FormContext React context used by Form as a Provider and by the Fields as Consumers and updaters. Beta
IconInput Input component with icon to the left of the input field
Input Basic text input, is a wrapper for the <input type="text"> HTML element.
LEVEL_OFFSET Number of pixels the node gets offset per each hierarchy level
NumberInput Input component for numbers with up and down buttons to increment and decrement the value. Beta
Select Basic select component is a wrapper for the <select> HTML element.
Textarea Basic textarea component
Toggle Toggle React component to show an "on" or "off" state


Name Description
ButtonSize Sizes for Button component
ButtonType Types for Button component
CheckBoxState State of a checkbox
ContextMenuDirection Enum to specify where a ContextMenu should anchor to its parent element
DialogAlignment Enum for dialog alignment
DialogButtonStyle Enum for button style.
DialogButtonType Enum for button types.
Face Cube Face enumeration
HorizontalAlignment Enumeration for horizontal alignment.
InputStatus Enum for Input status
MessageSeverity Message Severity enum.
Orientation Enumeration of orientation.
SortDirection Enumeration for sorting direction.
SpinnerSize Size for Spinner component
TimeFormat Enumeration of time formats.
ToggleButtonType Toggle display types
UiSettingsStatus Enum for UiSettingsStorage status.
VerticalAlignment Enumeration for vertical alignment.

Global Functions

Name Description
BlockText Styled block text React functional component
BodyText Styled body text React functional component
Centered Centered React functional component.
CheckListBoxSeparator Separator added to a CheckListBox.
DisabledText Styled disabled text React functional component
Div Base div element React component
ElementResizeObserver ElementResizeObserver provides functionality similar to ReactResizeDetector when a render function is specified.
ElementSeparator A movable button, which allows to change the ratio between left element and right element
FeaturedTile Featured Tile component Beta
FillCentered Full height & width and centered React functional component.
FlexWrapContainer Flex Wrap Container React functional component.
getCssVariable Get CSS variable
getCssVariableAsNumber Get CSS variable as number
Headline Styled headline text React functional component
HorizontalTabs Horizontal tabs meant to represent the current position in a page/section
Icon Icon Functional component displays an icon based on an IconSpec.
LabeledInput Text input wrapper that provides additional styling and labeling
LabeledTextarea Textarea wrapper that allows for additional styling and labelling
LabeledThemedSelect Dropdown wrapper that allows for additional styling and labelling Beta
LeadingText Styled leading text React functional component
LeadingText2 Styled leading text React functional component
MessageRenderer React component renders a string, HTMLElement or React node in a div or span Beta
MinimalFeaturedTile Minimal and Featured Tile component Beta
MinimalTile Minimal Tile component Beta
MutedText Styled muted/gray text React functional component
PopupContextMenu Component that displays a ContextMenu within a Popup component, allowing the target element to be specified. Beta
ProgressBar ProgressBar React component shows a horizontal progress bar. Beta
ProgressSpinner Circular Progress Indicator that supports determinate and indeterminate modes. Beta
ResizableContainerObserver ResizableContainerObserver is a component that provides the functionality similar to the ReactResizeDetector option that call a function when
ScrollView Scroll View React functional component.
SettingsContainer SettingsContainer component that displays Setting Tabs on Left and the P Beta
Slider Slider React component displays a range slider.
SmallText Styled small text React functional component
StyledText The base component for other text components that pass a main CSS class name.
Subheading Styled subheading text React functional component
Subheading2 Styled subheading text React functional component
ThemedSelect ThemedSelect is a wrapper for react-select with iModel.js UI theming applied Beta
Title Styled title text React functional component
Title2 Styled title text React functional component
Tooltip Component that displays tooltip for a specified target element. Beta
UnderlinedButton A React component that makes text clickable and underlined
useDisposable A custom hook which creates a disposable object and manages its disposal on unmount
useEffectSkipFirst Custom hook which works like useEffect hook, but does not invoke callback when effect is triggered for the first time.
useOnOutsideClick Invokes onOutsideClick handler when user clicks outside of referenced element.
useOptionalDisposable A custom hook which calls the factory method to create a disposable object
useSaveBeforeActivatingNewSettingsTab Hook to use within Settings Page component to allow saving the current page's data before loading to the requested Setting Tab's page. Beta
useSaveBeforeClosingSettingsContainer Hook to use within Settings Page component to allow saving the current page's data before the Setting Container is closed. Beta
VerticalTabs Vertical tabs meant to represent the current position in a page/section
WebFontIcon WebFontIcon React component
withIsPressed withIsPressed is a React higher-order component that adds pointer and mouse events.
withOnOutsideClick withOnOutsideClick is a React higher-order component that adds outside click support.
withTimeout withTimeout is a React higher-order component that adds timeout support.


Name Description
ActivateSettingsTabEventArgs Arguments of onActivateSettingsTab event. Beta
AutoSuggestData Data for the AutoSuggest options Beta
AutoSuggestProps Properties for the AutoSuggest component. Beta
ButtonProps Properties for Button component
CheckBoxInfo A data type that holds all the checkbox display attributes
CheckboxProps Properties for Checkbox React component
CheckListBoxItemProps Properties for the CheckListBoxItem component
ClassNameProps Props used by components that expect class name to be passed in.
CommonDivProps Common properties using a div element.
CommonProps Common props used by components.
ContextMenuItemProps Properties for the ContextMenuItem component
ContextMenuProps Properties for the ContextMenu component
ContextSubMenuProps Properties for the ContextSubMenu component
CubeProps Properties for the Cube React component
DialogButtonDef Interface for a dialog button in a button cluster
DialogProps Properties for the Dialog component
DivProps Properties for the Div component
ElementSeparatorProps Properties of ElementSeparator React component
ExpandableBlockProps Properties for the ExpandableBlock React component
ExpandableListProps Properties for ExpandableList component
ExpansionToggleProps Properties for the ExpansionToggle component
FieldDef Interface used to define each Field in a Form Beta
FieldDefinitions Key/value pairs for all the field definitions to be displayed in a Form. Beta
FieldProps Properties used to create a Field in a Form Beta
FieldValues Key/value pairs for all the field values with key being the field HTML Id. Beta
FormContextState FormContextState combines the Form's state data with the callbacks used to update the value of the state data. Beta
FormProps Properties that define Form including the callback to be called when the Submit button is pressed. Beta
GlobalContextMenuProps Properties for the GlobalContextMenu component
GlobalDialogProps Properties for the GlobalDialog component
GlobalDialogState State properties for the GlobalDialog component
IconInputProps Properties for the IconInput component
IconProps Properties for the Icon React component
ImageCheckBoxProps Properties for the ImageCheckBox component
InputLabelProps Properties for InputLabel components
InputProps Properties for the Input component
LabeledComponentProps Properties for labeled components
LabeledInputProps Properties for LabeledInput components
LabeledSelectProps Properties for LabeledSelect components
LabeledTextareaProps Properties for LabeledTextarea component
LabeledThemedSelectProps Properties for LabeledThemedSelect components Beta
LabeledToggleProps Properties for LabeledToggle
LoadingBarProps Properties for LoadingBar component
LoadingPromptProps Properties for LoadingPrompt component
LoadingSpinnerProps Properties for LoadingSpinner component
LoadingStatusProps Properties for LoadingStatus component
MainTabsProps Properties for the base Tabs component
MessageBoxProps Properties for the MessageBox component
MessageContainerProps Properties for the MessageContainer component
MessagedComponentProps Properties for components with messages
MessageRendererProps Properties for the MessageRenderer component Beta
NoChildrenProps Props used by components that do not expect children to be passed in.
NodeCheckboxProps Properties for Tree Node CheckBox Beta
NumberInputProps Properties for the NumberInput component Beta
NumericInputProps Properties for the NumericInput component Beta
OptionType OptionType for react-select 2.0 and above. Beta
PointProps Describes 2d points.
PopupContextMenuProps Properties for PopupContextMenu component Beta
PopupProps Properties for the Popup component
ProcessSettingsContainerCloseEventArgs Arguments of onProcessSettingsContainerClose event. Beta
ProcessSettingsTabActivationEventArgs Arguments of onProcessSettingsTabActivation event. Beta
ProgressBarProps Properties for ProgressBar component Beta
ProgressSpinnerProps Properties for ProgressSpinner component Beta
RadialButtonProps Properties for RadialButton component Beta
RadialMenuProps Properties for RadialMenu Beta
RadioProps Properties for Radio component
RatioChangeResult Results returned by onRatioChanged callback for determining new ratio and whether the ratio was updated.
ReactMessage Describes a React based message
ReactNumericInputProps Base properties for the NumericInput component Beta
RectangleProps Describes 2d bounds.
RenderPropsArgs Prop the ElementResizeObserver sends to the render function.
SearchBoxProps Properties for SearchBox component
SelectOption Properties for a Select option
SelectProps Properties for Select component
SettingsContainerProps Beta
SettingsProvidersChangedEventArgs Arguments of onSettingsProvidersChanged event. Beta
SettingsTabEntry Interface used to populate a tab entry in the SettingContainer control @beta
SettingsTabsProvider Setting Provider interface. Beta
SizeProps Describes 2d dimensions.
SliderProps Properties for Slider component
SpinnerProps Properties for Spinner component
SplitButtonProps Properties for SplitButton component
StyledTextProps Properties for StyledText component
SvgPathProps Properties of SvgPath component.
SvgSpriteProps Properties of SvgSprite component.
TabLabel TabLabel provides ability to define label, icon, and tooltip for a tab entry. Beta
TabsProps Properties for the HorizontalTabs and VerticalTabs components
TextareaProps Properties for Textarea component
TextProps Properties for various text components
TileProps Properties for the Tile component Beta
ToggleProps Properties for Toggle component
TooltipProps Properties for the Tooltip component Beta
TreeBranchProps Properties for TreeBranch React component
TreeNodePlaceholderProps Properties for the TreeNodePlaceholder React component
TreeNodeProps Properties for the TreeNode React component
TreeProps Properties for the Tree presentational React component
UiSettingsResult Interface for result of accessing setting in UiSettingsStorage.
UiSettingsStorage Interface for getting, saving and deleting settings.
UnderlinedButtonProps Properties for the UnderlinedButton React component
WebFontIconProps Properties for the WebFontIcon React component
WithIsPressedProps Properties for withIsPressed React higher-order component
WithOnOutsideClickProps Properties for withOnOutsideClick React higher-order component
WithTimeoutProps Properties for withTimeout React higher-order component

Type Aliases

Name Description
AsyncGetAutoSuggestDataFunc Prototype for async function returning AutoSuggestData Beta
BoundsFunctionProp Bounds function prototype for NumericInput component Beta
ExecuteHandler Signature for Timer execute callback.
FieldEditor The available editors for the fields in a Form. Beta
GetAutoSuggestDataFunc Prototype for function returning AutoSuggestData Beta
IconSpec Prototype for an IconSpec which can be a string, ReactNode or ConditionalStringValue.
MessageType Types for message
NodeCheckboxRenderer Type for node Checkbox renderer Beta
NodeCheckboxRenderProps Props for node Checkbox renderer Beta
Omit Used to omit properties in a given interface
OmitChildrenProp Omit children property from T.
OptionsType OptionsType to match label/value pair OptionType Beta
StepFunctionProp Step function prototype for NumberInput component Beta
ThemedSelectProps ThemedSelectProps to control specific features of ThemedSelect Beta
TooltipPlacement Available tooltip placements. Beta
UiSettings Alias for UiSettingsStorage

Last Updated: 25 August, 2021