Components for working with input controls, such as Input, IconInput, NumberInput and Textarea.


Name Description  
InputLabel Text input wrapper that provides additional styling and labeling  
NumericInput Numeric Input React component. Beta


Name Description  
IconInput Input component with icon to the left of the input field  
Input Basic text input, is a wrapper for the <input type="text"> HTML element.  
NumberInput Input component for numbers with up and down buttons to increment and decrement the value. Beta
Textarea Basic textarea component  


Name Description  
InputStatus Enum for Input status  

Global Functions

Name Description  
LabeledInput Text input wrapper that provides additional styling and labeling  
LabeledTextarea Textarea wrapper that allows for additional styling and labelling  


Name Description  
IconInputProps Properties for the IconInput component  
InputLabelProps Properties for InputLabel components  
InputProps Properties for the Input component  
LabeledComponentProps Properties for labeled components  
LabeledInputProps Properties for LabeledInput components  
LabeledTextareaProps Properties for LabeledTextarea component  
MessagedComponentProps Properties for components with messages  
NumberInputProps Properties for the NumberInput component Beta
NumericInputProps Properties for the NumericInput component Beta
ReactNumericInputProps Base properties for the NumericInput component Beta
TextareaProps Properties for Textarea component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
BoundsFunctionProp Bounds function prototype for NumericInput component Beta
StepFunctionProp Step function prototype for NumberInput component Beta

Last Updated: 06 October, 2021