SettingsManager Class


Settings Manager class. Hold registration of settings providers and supplies events for the provided settings pages to listen.


Name Description
activateSettingsTab(settingsTabId: string): void Called by application when an tool, keyin, or other process want to change the active settings tab/page giving the current tab/page and opportunity  
addSettingsProvider(settingsProvider: SettingsProvider): void    
closeSettingsContainer(closeFunc: (args: any) => void, closeFuncArgs?: any): void Called by application when the Settings Container is to be closed.  
getSettingEntries(stageId: string, stageUsage: string): Array<SettingsTabEntry> Get an array of SettingsTabEntry objects to populate the settings container.  
removeSettingsProvider(providerId: string): boolean    


Name Type Description
onProcessSettingsContainerClose ProcessSettingsContainerCloseEvent Event raised when the settings container will be closed.  
onProcessSettingsTabActivation ProcessSettingsTabActivationEvent Event raised solely for a settings page to monitor so it can save its settings before continuing tab activation.  
onSettingsProvidersChanged SettingsProvidersChangedEvent Event raised when SettingsProviders are changed.  
providers Accessor ReadonlyArray<SettingsProvider>   Beta  

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Last Updated: 02 April, 2021