ui-framework Change Log

The ui-framework package contains application fragments for Login, Project, iModel and View selection, and configuration of the application UI with the Backstage, Frontstages, Widgets, etc. For more information, see learning about ui-framework.


Name Description
Admin APIs for various UI components, such as toolbars, buttons and menus.
Backstage Classes for working with a Backstage
ConfigurableUi Classes for working with the Application UI Configuration
ContentView Classes for working with a Content View, Group, Layout or Control
Cursor Cursor related information, components and events
Dialog Classes for working with a dialog
DragDrop Classes for managing DragDrop API drag layers
Frontstage Classes for working with a Frontstage
Hooks Hook functions for use in Functional React Components.
IModelComponents Classes for displaying information about an iModel
Item Classes for working with an Item in a Tool Widget, Navigation Widget or Backstage
KeyboardShortcut Classes for working with Keyboard Shortcuts
NavigationAids Classes for working with Navigation Aids
Notification Classes for working with a Notification or Message
OIDC Classes for working with the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol
Picker Classes for working with various pickers
State Classes for maintaining state
Settings Classes and components used by settings pages displayed in the modal settings stage
StatusBar Classes for defining a StatusBar
SyncUi Classes for informing UI components to sync/refresh their display
WorkflowTask Classes for working a Workflow or Task
Toolbar Classes used to construct a Toolbar
Tools Core Tool definitions
ToolSettings Classes for working Tool Settings
UiProvider Interfaces and classes for specifying UI items to be inserted at runtime.
UiSettings Interfaces and classes for persisting UI settings.
Utilities Various utility classes for working with a UI and Redux.
Widget Classes for working with a Widget
Zone Classes for working with a Zone
All Displays the contents of all topics in this package.

Last Updated: 22 March, 2021