ConfigurableUiManager Class

Configurable Ui Manager maintains controls, Frontstages, Content Groups, Content Layouts, Tasks and Workflows.


Name Description
addFrontstageProvider(frontstageProvider: FrontstageProvider): void Static Add a Frontstage via a provider into the FrontstageManager.  
createControl(classId: string, uniqueId: string, options?: any): ConfigurableUiElement | undefined Static Creates a control registered by calling registerControl.  
findFrontstageDef(id?: string): FrontstageDef | undefined Static Finds a FrontstageDef, given its id.  
getWrapperElement(): HTMLElement Static Gets the HTML wrapper element for Configurable UI  
initialize(): void Static Initializes the ConfigurableUiManager and registers core controls.  
isControlRegistered(classId: string): boolean Static Determines if a control has been registered based on its classId.  
loadContentGroup(groupProps: ContentGroupProps): void Static Loads a ContentGroup into the ContentGroupManager.  
loadContentGroups(groupPropsList: ContentGroupProps[]): void Static Loads one or more ContentGroups into the ContentGroupManager.  
loadContentLayout(layoutProps: ContentLayoutProps): void Static Loads a ContentLayout into the ContentLayoutManager.  
loadContentLayouts(layoutPropsList: ContentLayoutProps[]): void Static Loads one or more ContentLayouts into the ContentLayoutManager.  
loadKeyboardShortcuts(shortcutList: KeyboardShortcutProps[]): void Static Loads one or more Keyboard Shortcuts into the KeyboardShortcutManager.  
loadTasks(taskPropsList: TaskPropsList): void Static Loads one or more Tasks into the TaskManager.  
loadWorkflow(workflowProps: WorkflowProps): void Static Loads a Workflow into the WorkflowManager.  
loadWorkflows(workflowPropsList: WorkflowPropsList): void Static Loads one or more Workflows into the WorkflowManager.  
registerControl(classId: string, constructor: ConfigurableUiControlConstructor): void Static Registers a control implementing the ConfigurableUiElement interface.  
unregisterControl(classId: string): void Static Unregisters a control that has been registered.  

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Last Updated: 15 June, 2021