Classes for working with a Frontstage


Name Description  
Frontstage Frontstage React component.  
FrontstageActivatedEvent Frontstage Activated Event class.  
FrontstageComposer FrontstageComposer React component.  
FrontstageDeactivatedEvent Frontstage Deactivated Event class.  
FrontstageDef FrontstageDef class provides an API for a Frontstage.  
FrontstageManager Frontstage Manager class.  
FrontstageProvider Provides a Frontstage as a React based definition  
FrontstageReadyEvent Frontstage Ready Event class.  
ModalFrontstage ModalFrontstage React component  
ModalFrontstageChangedEvent Modal Frontstage Stack Changed Event class.  
ModalFrontstageClosedEvent Modal Frontstage Closed Event class.  
NestedFrontstage Nested Frontstage related classes and commands  
PanelStateChangedEvent Widget State Changed Event class. Beta
SettingsModalFrontstage Modal frontstage displaying and editing settings from registered settings providers. Beta
StagePanel Frontstage Panel React component.  
StagePanelDef A StagePanelDef represents each Stage Panel within a Frontstage.  
ToolActivatedEvent Tool Activated Event class.  
ToolIconChangedEvent Tool Icon Changed Event class.  


Name Description  
SelectionScope Selection Scope enum.  
StagePanelState Enum for StagePanel state.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
useActiveFrontstageId Hook that returns active frontstage id. Beta


Name Description  
FrontstageActivatedEventArgs Frontstage Activated Event Args interface.  
FrontstageDeactivatedEventArgs Frontstage Deactivated Event Args interface.  
FrontstageProps Properties for a Frontstage component.  
FrontstageReadyEventArgs Frontstage Ready Event Args interface.  
ModalFrontstageChangedEventArgs Modal Frontstage Changed Event Args interface.  
ModalFrontstageClosedEventArgs Modal Frontstage Closed Event Args interface.  
ModalFrontstageInfo Modal Frontstage information interface.  
ModalFrontstageProps Properties for the ModalFrontstage React component  
NineZoneChangeHandler Interface defining callbacks for nine zone changes  
PanelStateChangedEventArgs Panel State Changed Event Args interface.  
StagePanelChangeHandler Interface defining callbacks for stage panel changes  
StagePanelProps Properties of a StagePanel component  
StagePanelZoneProps Properties of a Stage Panel Zone  
StagePanelZonesProps Properties of the Stage Panel Zones  
TargetChangeHandler Interface defining callbacks for ZoneDropTarget changes  
ToolActivatedEventArgs Tool Activated Event Args interface.  
ToolIconChangedEventArgs Tool Icon Changed Event Args interface.  
WidgetChangeHandler Interface defining callbacks for widget changes  
ZoneDefProvider Interface defining a provider for Zone definitions  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
StagePanelDefaultProps Default properties of StagePanel component.  
StagePanelMaxSizeSpec Available units of panel maximum size.  

Last Updated: 06 October, 2021