Classes for working with a Notification or Message


Name Description  
ActivityCenterField Activity Center Field React component.  
ActivityMessageCancelledEvent Activity Message Cancelled Event class.  
ActivityMessageUpdatedEvent Activity Message Added Event class.  
AppNotificationManager The AppNotificationManager class is a subclass of NotificationManager in @bentley/imodeljs-frontend.  
ElementTooltip ElementTooltip React component.  
ElementTooltipChangedEvent ElementTooltip Changed Event class.  
InputFieldMessage InputField message pops up near pointer when attempting an invalid interaction.  
InputFieldMessageAddedEvent Input Field Message Added Event class  
InputFieldMessageRemovedEvent Input Field Message Removed Event class.  
MessageAddedEvent Message Added Event class.  
MessageCenterField Message Center Field React component.  
MessageManager The MessageManager class manages messages and prompts.  
MessagesUpdatedEvent Messages Updated Event class.  
OpenMessageCenterEvent Open Message Center Event class.  
PointerMessage Pointer message pops up near pointer when attempting an invalid interaction.  
PointerMessageChangedEvent Pointer Message Changed Event emitted by the PointerMessage component  
ReactNotifyMessageDetails Describes a message to be displayed to the user and adds support for React components in messages.  
ToolAssistanceChangedEvent Tool Assistance Changed event class  
ToolAssistanceField Tool Assistance Field React component.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
ActivityMessage Activity Message React component Beta
ActivityMessagePopup Activity Message Popup React component Beta
MessageRenderer Message Popup React component that renders one or more Toast or Sticky messages and an Activity message Beta
StickyMessage Sticky Message React component Beta
ToastMessage Toast Message React component Beta


Name Description  
ActivityMessageEventArgs Activity Message Event arguments.  
ActivityMessagePopupProps Properties for ActivityMessagePopup component Beta
ActivityMessageProps Properties for a ActivityMessage Beta
ElementTooltipChangedEventArgs ElementTooltipChangedEvent arguments.  
InputFieldMessageEventArgs Input Field Message Event arguments.  
MessageAddedEventArgs MessageAddedEvent arguments.  
MessageCenterFieldProps Properties for withMessageCenterFieldProps HOC.  
MessageRendererProps Properties for MessageRenderer component Beta
PointerMessageChangedEventArgs PointerMessageChangedEvent arguments.  
PointerMessageProps Properties of PointerMessage component.  
StickyMessageProps Properties for a StickyMessage Beta
ToastMessageProps Properties for a ToastMessage Beta
ToolAssistanceChangedEventArgs Tool Assistance Changed event arguments.  
ToolAssistanceFieldProps Properties of ToolAssistanceField component.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
NotifyMessageDetailsType Types for NotifyMessageDetails.  
NotifyMessageType Types for message in MessageManager  
ReactMessage Describes a React based message Deprecated

Last Updated: 06 October, 2021