ToolSettingsManager Class


Tool Settings Manager class. Used to generate UI components for Tool Settings.


Name Description
clearToolSettingsData(): void Static clear cached Tool Settings properties.  
focusIntoToolSettings(): boolean Static    
initialize(): void Static Initializes the ToolSettingsManager  
initializeDataForTool(tool: InteractiveTool): void Static Set of data used in Tool Settings for the specified tool.  
initializeToolSettingsData(toolSettingsProperties: DialogItem[] | undefined, toolId?: string, toolLabel?: string, toolDescription?: string): boolean Static Cache Tool Settings properties  


Name Type Description
activeToolDescription Accessor StaticReadOnly string Returns the description of the active tool.  
activeToolLabel Accessor Static string The name of the active tool.  
onReloadToolSettingsProperties Static UiEvent<void>    
onSyncToolSettingsProperties Static SyncToolSettingsPropertiesEvent Get ToolSettings Properties sync event.  
toolIdForToolSettings Accessor StaticReadOnly string Gets the Id of the active tool.  
toolSettingsProperties Accessor StaticReadOnly DialogItem[] Returns the toolSettings properties that can be used to populate the tool settings widget.  
useDefaultToolSettingsProvider Accessor Static boolean Returns true if the Tool Settings are to be auto populated from the toolSettingsProperties.  

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Last Updated: 15 June, 2021