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The library for developing infrastructure digital twin applications.

What is iTwin.js?

Enhance visualization and understanding of your infrastructure assets. iTwin.js was designed to be both flexible and open for easy access, leverage, and integration of your digital twins with other systems.

  • A bunch of little apps.

    Aggregate your data

    Bring BIM, Reality, GIS and IoT data streams together.

  • Various data sets.

    Visualize your data

    View engineering changes in 3D and 4D.

  • Some charts and graphs.

    Analyze your data

    Gain insights and provide new capabilities that drive business outcomes.

Build your first app

Get involved

We're here to help and open for contributions. Open source means no secrets: check out our code on GitHub, give us feedback, or open your first pull request. The bottom line: You retain control over your data.

Core principles

  • Aligned

    Combine information from many sources with the iModel - CAD files, BIM files, databases, schematics, spreadsheets, etc.

  • Accountable

    Track who makes changes to your digital twin and when those changes are made.

  • Accessible

    Make your digital twin valuable for a multitude of use cases and an unlimited number of users by connecting it everywhere.

  • Approachable

    Minimize your learning curve. iTwin.js is using the most modern and popular technologies and frameworks available.

  • Anywhere

    Write your application logic and user interface once and run it on Cloud, Web, Desktop, and Mobile devices.

  • Amazing

    Focus on what really matters. iTwin.js will handle the complexity of managing a large scale distributed digital twin efficiently.