1.12.0 Change Notes

MacOS Support

MacOS support is officially available for iModel.js backends. Please see the Supported Platforms page for details.

Plan projection display

Alpha support for controlling the display of "plan projection" models has been added. A plan projection model is a spatial model with geometry all residing in an XY plane, indicated by the GeometricModel3dProps.isPlanProjection flag. Multiple such models can be combined within a spatial view in various ways by using the PlanProjectionSettings associated with a DisplayStyle3d and DisplayStyle3dState. This allows each model to be displayed with any of the following:

  • An absolute elevation in meters;
  • A uniform transparency;
  • As an overlay, drawn in front of all other geometry in the view;
  • Deterministic draw order based on display priority.

The latter groups geometry within plan projection models into "layers" based on subcategory Id: each subcategory represents a single layer containing geometry from any number of plan projection models, and each subcategory's SubCategoryAppearance defines a display priority. At display time, if 2 (or more) plan projection models are displayed at the same elevation, their geometry is drawn in ascending order by the corresponding subcategory's display priority, such that geometry with a higher priority displays in front of geometry with a lower priority. Subcategory priorities can be overridden using DisplayStyleSettings.overrideSubCategory.

Feature flags

Options used to enable or disable certain features when invoking IModelApp.startup have changed:

  • RenderSystem.Options.logarithmicDepthBuffer now defaults to true.
  • TileAdmin.Props.enableImprovedElision now defaults to true.
  • TileAdmin.Props.ignoreAreaPatterns has been added to temporarily mitigate issues with large amounts of geometry produced for area patterns. It defaults to false.

View details

Access to optional ViewDefinition and ViewState properties stored as JSON has been consolidated into the ViewDetails class. In addition, a new persistent ViewDetails3d.allow3dManipulations flag allows 3d views to control whether viewing tools can operate on the view in three dimensions or should be limited to the XY plane.



  • New abstract classes: AbstractTreeNodeLoader and AbstractTreeNodeLoaderWitProvider
    • Uses TreeModelSource to add loaded nodes to the model
    • protected abstract load(parentId: TreeModelNode | TreeModelRootNode, childIndex: number): Observable<LoadedNodeHierarchy> is called to load nodes
    • protected updateModel(loadedHierarchy: LoadedNodeHierarchy): void is called when nodes are loaded and is responsible for adding them to the model
  • onNodeLoaded event removed from ITreeNodeLoader
    • AbstractTreeNodeLoader.updateModel(loadedHierarchy: LoadedNodeHierarchy): void should be overridden instead of listening for onNodeLoaded event
  • TreeNodeLoader and PagedTreeNodeLoader extends AbstractTreeNodeLoaderWitProvider and requires TreeModelSource to be passed to constructor
    • overriding protected updateModel(loadedHierarchy: LoadedNodeHierarchy): void allows to control how nodes are added to the model.
  • useNodeLoader and usePagedNodeLoader hooks require TreeModelSource
    • function useNodeLoader<TDataProvider extends TreeDataProvider>(dataProvider: TDataProvider, modelSource: TreeModelSource): TreeNodeLoader<TDataProvider>;
    • function usePagedNodeLoader<TDataProvider extends TreeDataProvider>(dataProvider: TDataProvider, pageSize: number, modelSource: TreeModelSource): PagedTreeNodeLoader<TDataProvider>;
  • useModelSource hook takes TreeDataProvider instead of ITreeNodeLoader
    • function useModelSource(dataProvider: TreeDataProvider): TreeModelSource;
  • Removed function: createDefaultNodeLoadHandler(modelSource: TreeModelSource): (loadedHierarchy: LoadedNodeHierarchy) => void;
  • Removed function: createModelSourceForNodeLoader(nodeLoader: ITreeNodeLoader): { modelSource: TreeModelSource; disposeModelSource: () => void; };



  • New instance method: ellipsoid.localToWorld(localPoint: XYAndZ, result?: Point3d): Point3d
  • New instance method: worldToLocal(worldPoint: XYAndZ, result?: Point3d): Point3d | undefined
  • local image of a world point is in the coordinate system of a unit sphere.
    • The point is (inside,on,outside) the ellipsoid if its local point magnitude (distance from local origin) is respectively (less than, equal to, greater than) one.
  • New instance method: ellipsoid.silhouette (eyePoint:Point4d): Arc3d | undefined
  • New instance methods to implement the Clipper interface:
    • ellipsoid.isPointOnOrInside(point: Point3d): boolean
    • ellipsoid.announceClippedArcIntervals(arc: Arc3d, announce?: AnnounceNumberNumberCurvePrimitive): boolean
    • ellipsoid.announceClippedSegmentIntervals(f0: number, f1: number, pointA: Point3d, pointB: Point3d, announce?: AnnounceNumberNumber): boolean


  • Existing static methods for area booleans of polygons have added (optional) argument to request triangulation of results.
    • polygonXYAreaUnionLoopsToPolyface
    • polygonXYAreaDifferenceLoopsToPolyface
    • polygonXYAreaIntersectLoopsToPolyface
  • New (static) method: cloneByFacetDuplication(source: Polyface, includeSingletons: boolean, clusterSelector: DuplicateFacetClusterSelector): Polyface
    • Copy facets from source to a new polyface
    • includeSingletons controls inclusion of facets that appear only once
    • clusterSelector indicates
      • omit all duplicated facets
      • include single representative among each cluster of duplicates
      • omit all if even count, retain one if odd count. (Parity rules)
      • include all within clusters of duplicates
    • supporting methods to announce and collect arrays of clustered facet indices:
      • PolyfaceQuery.announceDuplicateFacetIndices(polyface: Polyface, announceCluster: (clusterFacetIndices: number[]) => void): void
      • PolyfaceQuery.collectDuplicateFacetIndices(polyface: Polyface, includeSingletons?: boolean): number[][]


  • Allow undefined center in create methods
    • Arc3d.create(center: Point3d | undefined, vector0: Vector3d, vector90: Vector3d, sweep?: AngleSweep, result?: Arc3d): Arc3d;
    • Arc3d.createCenterNormalRadius(center: Point3d | undefined, normal: Vector3d, radius: number, result?: Arc3d): Arc3d;
  • Arc3d.createScaledXYColumns(center: Point3d | undefined, matrix: Matrix3d, radius0: number, radius90: number, sweep?: AngleSweep, result?: Arc3d): Arc3d;
  • in myArc.extendRange(range, transform), compute exact (rather than sampled) range.


  • New instance method: matrix.multiplyInverseXYZW(x: number, y: number, z: number, w: number, result?: Point4d): Point4d | undefined;


  • New instance method: point4d.crossWeightedMinusPoint3d(other: Point3d, result?: Vector3d): Vector3d;
  • New instance method: point4d.realPointOrVector (): Point3d | Vector3d;


  • New static method: Vector3d.dotProductAsXYAndZ(dataA: XYAndZ, dataB: XYAndZ): number
    • dot product between x,y,z components of dataA and dataB, even if strong typing (e.g. as Point3d) says they should not be able to act as vectors.


  • New instance method: multiplyInversePoint4d(weightedPoint: Point4d, result?: Point4d): Point4d | undefined;

Point3d and Vector3d

  • New instance method data.setAt(index, value) to address x,y,z by index (in XYZ base class)


  • allow undefined (zero) tilt in construction ConvexClipPlaneSet.createSweptPolyline(points: Point3d[], upVector: Vector3d, tiltAngle?: Angle): ConvexClipPlaneSet | undefined


  • (BUG) in MomentData.inertiaProductsToPrincipalAxes(rawMomentData.origin, rawMomentData.sums), when the computed quantity (e.g. area) is negative, adjust axes directions to have the loop be CCW in the localToWorldMap xy plane.
  • New optional property absoluteQuantity is
    • undefined in raw moment data
    • the (positive) quantity sum in principal moment data (produced by call to inertiaProductsToPrincipalAxes)

Clipper support

  • new static method ClipUtilities.isClipper(candidate: any) to test if candidate supports all the methods of the Clipper interface.
  • new (static) methods in BooleanClipFactory. The static list (including some older methods) is
    • JSON serialization:
      • BooleanClipFactory.anyClipperToJSON(clipper: any): any | undefined;
      • BooleanClipFactory.parseToClipper(source?: object): Clipper | undefined;
    • create methods for various boolean trees:
      • BooleanClipFactory.createCaptureClipOutside(primaryClipper: Clipper): Clipper;
      • BooleanClipFactory.createCaptureDifference(primaryClipper: Clipper, excludedClipper: Clipper, keepInside: boolean): Clipper;
      • BooleanClipFactory.createCaptureIntersection(clippers: Clipper | Clipper[], keepInside: boolean): Clipper;
      • BooleanClipFactory.createCaptureParity(clippers: Clipper | Clipper[], keepInside: boolean): Clipper;
      • BooleanClipFactory.createCaptureUnion(clippers: Clipper | Clipper[], keepInside: boolean): Clipper;


  • New utility class in @itwin/core-backend to retrieve full Schema information from an iModel.
  • Requires the @itwin/ecschema-metadata package to be installed. This package contains the EC Schema metadata classes which are the building blocks of the schema returned from the iModel.
  • Contains two methods for Schema retrieval.
    • getSchema Gets a Schema by name from the iModel and throws an exception if it cannot be found or loaded.
    • tryGetSchema Attempts to retrieve a Schema by name from the iModel. Returns undefined if it cannot be found.

Last Updated: 29 September, 2021