1.5.0 Change Notes

Upgrade to TypeScript 3.6.2

  • This version now uses TypeScript version 3.6.2. It is recommended that consumers of iModel.js packages upgrade to that version too.

Display system enhancements

Performance enhancements

  • Made display system enhancement for rendering directly to screen. This significantly improves performance on iOS and some non-Chrome browsers. For models that aren't bound by primitive count, this can be a more than doubling of FPS.
    • To enable this enhancement, see RenderSystem.Options.directScreenRendering.

Blank IModelConnections

  • The new method IModelConnection.createBlank provides a way for applications to create an IModelConnection that is not connected to an iModel or a backend. This is useful for using iModel.js to show just Reality data (reality meshes, point clouds, terrain, etc.), background maps, and other non-iModel-based graphics without requiring a backend server.
  • There is also a new convenience method SpatialViewState.createBlank to create a blank spatial view appropriate for these non-iModel based visualizations. See the Blank Connection learning article for further details.

Favorite Properties


  • Favorite properties manager stores favorite properties and determines whether a given field should be displayed as favorite.
  • PresentationPropertyDataProvider puts all favorite properties into an additional 'Favorite' category that's displayed at the top and is auto-expanded.


  • FavoritePropertyManager (accessed through singleton Presentation.favoriteProperties) in @itwin/presentation-frontend

    • add(field: Field): void
      • For PropertiesField and NestedContentField - marks all properties in the field as favorite.
      • For other types of fields - marks the field as favorite by its name.
    • remove(field: Field): void
      • For PropertiesField and NestedContentField - removes all properties in the field from favorites list.
      • For other types of fields - removes the field from favorites list.
    • has(field: Field): boolean
      • For PropertiesField and NestedContentField - returns true if field contains at least one favorite property.
      • For other types of fields - returns true if field's name is in the favorites list.
    • onFavoritesChanged: BeEvent<() => void>
      • Event that's raised when favorite properties change.
  • ContentDataProvider (base of PresentationPropertyDataProvider and PresentationTableDataProvider) in @itwin/presentation-components

    • getFieldByPropertyRecord(propertyRecord: PropertyRecord): Promise<Field | undefined>
      • Returns a field object that was used to create the given PropertyRecord. The field contains meta-data about the properties whose values are stored in the PropertyRecord.

Usage example

// needs to be called once before working with `Presentation` API


private _onAddFavorite = (propertyField: Field) => {
  this.setState({ contextMenu: undefined });
private _onRemoveFavorite = (propertyField: Field) => {
  this.setState({ contextMenu: undefined });

private async buildContextMenu(args: PropertyGridContextMenuArgs) {
  const field = await this.state.dataProvider.getFieldByPropertyRecord(args.propertyRecord);
  const items: ContextMenuItemInfo[] = [];
  if (field !== undefined) {
    if (Presentation.favoriteProperties.has(field)) {
        key: "remove-favorite",
        onSelect: () => this._onRemoveFavorite(field),
        title: "Add this property to Favorite category",
        label: "Add to Favorite",
    } else {
        key: "add-favorite",
        onSelect: () => this._onAddFavorite(field),
        title: "Remove this property from Favorite category",
        label: "Remove from Favorite",



  • PolyfaceQuery method to partition by connectivity
  • Optimize triangle flipping
  • PolyfaceQuery.cutFill uses GriddedRaggedRange2dSet (rather than prior LinearSearchRange2dGrid)


  • PolyfaceQuery methods
    • (static) PolyfaceQuery.partitionFacetIndicesByEdgeConnectedComponent(polyface: Polyface | PolyfaceVisitor): number[][]
      • Return arrays of facet indices
      • Within each array, each facet has an edge in common with others in the same array.
    • (static) PolyfaceQuery.partitionFacetIndicesByVertexConnectedComponent(polyface: Polyface | PolyfaceVisitor): number[][]
      • Return arrays of facet indices
      • Within each array, each facet has (at least) a vertex in common with others in the same array.
    • (static) PolyfaceQuery.clonePartitions(polyface: Polyface | PolyfaceVisitor, partitions: number[][]): Polyface[]
      • Return an array of polyfaces
      • Each polyface has all the facets from one of the input facet index arrays.
    • PolyfaceVisitor
      • myVisitor.setNumWrap (numWrap: number)
        • set numWrap for subsequent visits.
    • PolyfaceBuilder
      • myBuilder.reversed: boolean
        • read property to query the state controlled by myBuilder.toggleReversedFlag
        • Carry twoSided flag through polyface builder actions.
    • PolyfaceQuery
      • (static) PolyfaceQuery.partitionFacetIndicesByVertexConnectedComponent(polyface: Polyface | PolyfaceVisitor): number[][]
    • UnionFindContext
      • New class to implement the UnionFind algorithm on a set of integers.
    • Classes for 2d range searching.
      • RangeLengthData, UsageSums -- carrier interface for computing average range sizes.
      • LinearSearchRange2dArray -- array of Range2d for linear search.
      • GriddedRaggedRange2dSet -- grid of LinearSearchRange2dArray
      • GriddedRaggedRange2dSetWithOverflow -- GriddedRaggedRange2dSet for typical ranges, LinearSearchRange2dArray for larger overflow ranges.

Last Updated: 18 May, 2022