2.10.0 Change Notes

Tile compression

IModelHostConfiguration.compressCachedTiles specifies whether tiles uploaded to blob storage should be compressed using gzip. Previously, it defaulted to false if omitted. The default has now been switched to true. Compressing tiles conserves bandwidth; the tiles are transparently and efficiently decompressed by the browser.

Changes to display style excluded elements

DisplayStyleSettings.excludedElements allows a display style to specify a set of elements that should not be drawn. Previously, this set was always persisted to the database as an array of element Ids, and represented in JSON and in memory as a Set<string>. However, element Ids tend to be long strings (at least 13 characters), and sets of excluded elements can occasionally grow quite large. To reduce the amount of data associated with these sets:

To adjust code that uses DisplayStyleSettings.excludedElements, given settings: DisplayStyleSettings:

  settings.excludedElements.add(id); // Replace this...
  settings.addExcludedElements(id); // ...with this.

  settings.excludedElements.delete(id); // Replace this...
  settings.dropExcludedElements(id); // ...with this.

  settings.excludedElements.clear(); // Replace this...
  settings.clearExcludedElements(); // ...with this.

  for (const id of settings.excludedElements) { } // Replace this...
  for (const id of settings.excludedElementIds) { } // ...with this.

Note that DisplayStyleSettings.addExcludedElements and DisplayStyleSettings.dropExcludedElements can accept any number of Ids. If you have multiple Ids, prefer to pass them all at once rather than one at a time - it is more efficient.

Breaking API changes

  • The union type Matrix3dProps inadvertently included Matrix3d. "Props" types are wire formats and so must be pure JavaScript primitives. To fix compilation errors where you are using Matrix3d where a Matrix3dProps is expected, simply call Matrix3d.toJSON on your Matrix3d object. Also, since TransformProps includes Matrix3dProps, you may need to call Transform.toJSON on your Transform objects some places too.

  • The type of Texture.data has been corrected from string to Uint8Array to match the type in the BIS schema. If you get compilation errors, simply remove calls to Buffer.from(texture.data, "base64") for read, and texture.data.toString("base64") if you create texture objects.

Updated version of Electron

Updated version of electron used from 8.2.1 to 10.1.3. Note that Electron is specified as a peer dependency in the iModel.js stack - so it's recommended but not mandatory that applications migrate to this electron version.

Globe location tool fixes

The globe location tools now will properly use GCS reprojection when navigating. Previously, navigating to certain cartographic locations within the iModel extents could be slightly inaccurate.

The tools affected are:

The ViewGlobeLocationTool has been further improved to navigate better across long distances when using plane mode.

There is now a method called lookAtGlobalLocationFromGcs on ViewState3d. This method behaves exactly like lookAtGlobalLocation except that is async and uses the GCS to reproject the location.

ViewState3d also has GCS versions of these methods:

  • rootToCartographicFromGcs behaves like rootToCartographic except it is async and uses the GCS to reproject the location.
  • cartographicToRootFromGcs behaves like cartographicToRoot except it is async and uses the GCS to reproject the location.

Last Updated: 02 February, 2022