The ui-core package

The @bentley/ui-core package contains general purpose React components, such as Button, ContextMenu, Dialog, MessageBox, SearchBox, RadialMenu and SplitButton. It also contains various input components, such as Input, Radio, Checkbox, NumberInput, Select, Slider and Toggle, and components for styled text.


  • AutoSuggest - Component for input with an auto-suggestion dropdown.
  • Base - Low-level classes and components for building a user interface.
  • Button - Components for working with various Buttons.
  • Checkbox - Component is a wrapper for the <input type="checkbox"> HTML element.
  • CheckListBox - Components for working with a Check listbox.
  • Common - Common classes used across various UI components.
  • ContextMenu - Components and classes for working with a Context Menu.
  • Dialog - Components for working with a Dialog or MessageBox.
  • Expandable - Components for working with a ExpandableBlock or ExpandableList.
  • Form - Components used to create a Form using supplied properties to specify fields.
  • Icon - Components that render icons when given an icon name or SVG source or path.
  • Inputs - Components for working with input controls, such as Input, IconInput, NumberInput and Textarea.
  • Loading - Components for working with Loading spinners and progress bars.
  • Notification - Components for working with with messages and tooltips.
  • Popup - Components for working with a Popup.
  • RadialMenu - Components for working with a RadialMenu.
  • Radio - Component is a wrapper for the <input type="radio"> HTML element.
  • SearchBox - Components for working with a SearchBox.
  • Select - Components that display a value and a drop-down showing possible values the user can choose.
  • Settings - Manager and UI Components that allow users to modify settings for registered settings providers.
  • Slider - Component for displaying a range slider.
  • SplitButton - Component that displays a button with two parts: an action button on the left and an arrow button on the right that opens a context menu.
  • Style - Sass variables and mixins for breakpoints, colors, color themes, opacity, sizing, spacing and typography.
  • Tabs - Components for working with horizontal or vertical tabs.
  • Text - Components for working with styled text and different text sizes.
  • Tiles - Components for a container rendering elements that can be grouped together.
  • Toggle - Component for working with a Toggle switch.
  • Tooltip - Component displays tooltip popup for a specified target element.
  • Tree - Presentation React components for working with a Tree.
  • UiSettings - Interfaces and classes for working with persistent UI settings.
  • Utilities - Various utility classes, functions and React hooks for working with a UI.

Last Updated: 22 March, 2021