The Presentation library provides a declarative way to create content for tables, property grid and other content components based on iModel data.


There are 2 primary concepts for creating content: rules and specifications.


There are two types of content rules:

Both rules have picking attributes to specify what input the rule applies to.


Content specifications define result of the rule if it does get used after evaluating it's condition and other picking attributes. There are 3 types of specifications:


Content modifiers allow modifying content by hiding or showing properties, including additional ones, or specifying custom renderers and editors. Available modifiers:

  • Calculated properties specification allows creating a calculated property.
  • Related properties specification allows including properties of related instances.
  • Property category specification allows grouping properties under custom categories.
  • Property overrides allow customizing display of specific properties - hiding them, changing label, category, renderer, editor.

Modifiers can be specified as part of content specifications or content modifiers.

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Last Updated: 15 May, 2024